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Window Cleaning Magazine continues to lead the industry and grow ever more fans over its multi platform media outlets. Subscriber growth on WCM TV, the Magazine’s Youtube channel looks to catch up on longer standing window cleaning related channels in views and content. This has been helped by quality programing, and viewer video submissions as well as videos that cater for all lengths of attention deficits.

Now, discovering Periscope, the new media app that allows live video streaming and live interaction, WCM TV will use this to engage viewers at trade shows and with suppliers and products.

We are going to give this a test run at the IWCA Convention in Florida over the next few days.

So, what is in this issue of Window Cleaning Magazine?

Please read my editorial on soft washing, it’s a great service to add to your window cleaning business but more training is needed for users.

Josh Latimer makes his debut write up this issue with his funky style in getting window cleaners motivated and earning big money. We hope to have more from Josh in the future. The WCM family welcomes Josh and his insights.

We interview the HSE on the new alterations to the HSE website, specifically around the Working At Heights Regs. Check out the links as this does affect you.

We take a guess at Facelift in what might or might not turn up with their innovative idea, the Black Box. And NO it’s not a box of chocolates, I’m sure it will be something much sweeter.

Good old Alex Gardiner gives WCM an exclusive interview on where he sees the industry today. As you read in the article, AG was indirectly the reason why WCM came about in the first place. So you guys can thank him for such an awesome magazine 🙂

This month’s spotlight is on Jamie Paulin, 39 of Lake Tahoe Window Cleaning. Jamie has brought up a family as well as kick ass on the glass as a business owner and organising her crews. 100% super woman and we love her ‘get up and go’ here at Window Cleaning Magazine.

Carrie Guenther our resident writer and owner of Window Ninja covers the Unger Stingray story for us. We are looking forward to Carrie’s despatches from across the world. Currently she is writing for us from Maui, where Carrie is discovering the window cleaning industry on this remote island. Her despatches hopefully come with plenty of film for WCM TV.

The magazine’s much loved Wagga, AKA Chris Dawber, continues with his regular spot. This issue Chris takes a close look of an additive for pure water that is claimed to improve the look of the windows as well as assist with ease in cleaning them. It’s all voodoo if you ask me 🙂

The WC Trucks feature is BACK! This month we feature vehicles from Agent Clean Exterior Cleaning from Iowa USA. And boy are his trucks jaw dropping. With vibrant complete vehicle wraps and graphics. Food for thought if you’re at the stage of thinking how to sign up your work vehicle.

The X-Men from X-Line are so innovative it’s scary, they have like a 100 projects buzzing around their heads at any one time! WCM readers look forward to discovering these future treasures whenever they pop out but for now we can drool over their new and exciting X-Trolley. Read all about it, in this issue.

We have a guest journalist this issue, Oliver Stanton of GrippaTank. Oliver interviews his vehicle finance partners and cuts through all the jargon surrounding how you are going to pay for your next system and van!

And finally we give you the low down of what you might expect at the IWCA Convention Florida and the new mid venue for The Cleaning Show in Manchester.