Reflection Perfection gives back to the community


Window Cleaning Magazine Facebook Group admin, Scott O’Donohoe is a much-loved character in the top UK FB group Window Cleaning Magazine. He is a salt of the earth with a heart of gold.

It turns out his kind nature has extended into his window cleaning business. Scott wanted to do something to help the local community, and decided to offer a free window cleaning service to a charity store in the town of Rayleigh. Reflection Perfection is a growing successful window cleaning company from Essex and they felt that even at this early stage of business they wanted to give something back.


Scott goes on to say, “I approached the shop manager of Dogs Trust and they welcomed me with open arms and was extremely happy, and to be honest very shocked with our offer to clean their windows for free. From the Managers reaction it was a real motivational boost for the team and me. From that conversation with the Manager I felt the need to get the media involved. From the newspaper article I gained 12 new customers and 5 new paying shops. Kind and caring does pay off”


And it certainly does! Proud Master Guild of Window Cleaners member holds honesty and integrity as well as service and punctuality high on his company list. You will be amazed at how many miss out on this approach. I promise you, calling people on time and being on time, is the new USP… because your competitors are not doing it… I will write more on this topic at a later date.