New ‘on the pole’ TDS reader


It is so hard to keep up with Reach-iT lately in the innovation and ‘good ides’ arena. Today they set into production a little useful gadget that is designed to be used with any pole. Yup, you do not have to buy a Reach-iT to use the Check-iT.

Check-iT is essentially a TDS meter that sits between the pole and brush. The idea is that your workers or you can click a button on the Check-iT device in order to establish if the TDS reading is good to go ‘spot free’. Anyone, whether you employ staff or work alone, has to agree that this device can come in really handy from time to time. Switching the switch will read the TDS for 5 seconds, green is good to go.

From an employee point of view, it takes out the complexity from the operator, giving your staff less to think of. If the TDS reading is above 10 another light will show (orange) warning the operative. A great way to standardise this maintenance for those big on business systems. This is great for those not wanting to rummage around for that TDS meter. Having it at the top of the pole is super useful and super lite.

But that’s not all – you can also use the Check-it direct from your tap source allowing you to make an informed decision as to whether you need to upgrade from DI to RO for your geographical water table, for example.

Will this catch on?

I do not see why not. I am forever reminding the staff of my own window cleaning company to check their TDS. I know they have to root around for the TDS meter in the glove compartment of the van, then ‘sample’ the water from the end of the brush. The fewer obstacles in the way of staff carrying out that maintenance functions are better IMO!

How does a TDS meter work?

Two pins sit in a TDS meter one pin receives and one pin sends to establish a loop. Pure water does not conduct electricity, however, minerals do conduct electricity. The more unpure the water is the more the TDS reading rises as electricity is conducted. A TDS is essentially an EC meter.

What do we think?

We think that Check-iT is a great gizmo and something to be considered. When you can buy a handheld TDS meter from between £6.00 and £20.00 ( $9.00 – $28.00) that does not have the warning settings or the ‘looking around for it’ factor – for the price (which we think is US dollars at $39.95 (£29.00)) it is really worth buying.