Home run – Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning Convention 2017 update


Event organisers of the Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning Convention 2017 are literally surprising us all with little white rabbits being pulled out of the HUGE convention hat. As if the location New Orleans, Louisiana, often referred to as the most unique city in the United States and famous for being the home of Jazz, is not enough of a draw for this fantastic event, the organisers will be taking your business phone calls during your visit too! How?!

Well not literally, I’m sure Chris Lambrinides, Thad Eckhoff and their team would be spread very thinly.

No – they have teamed up with AnswerForce and are offering a free answering service while you are away at the convention. How cool is that?

So how can you claim this service?

Of course it begins with buying a ticket to the event. A single ticket for full access costs $199 when a spouse or guest deal comes in at $349 again with full access. Not sure if the half access is available or the 10 bucks peek over the wall. I’m kidding of course!

At the point of purchasing your ticket (register here http://thehugeconvention.com/#register) you will need to fill out an online form and AnswerForce will handle everything. No strings attached.

What is AnswerForce?

Well its not Google for Star Wars. AnswerForce provides a live answering service 24/7. You set up the scripts and call the rules and they execute it with a friendly charm. When prospective customers talk to real people instead machines this converts better into new business and dollars for your business.

AnswerForce also provide lead capture and virtual receptionist services, so there maybe a very good chance you might be using them way beyond the event.

At the very least it evaporates those internal nagging excuses on how your business cannot operate without you. Never missing a call whilst you’re away at the HUGE Convention where you will gain more knowledge on growing your business. Now that has to be a home run gentleman!