Pressure washers that carry guns to work.


There is not a lot that makes Window Cleaning Magazine do a double take, however, surfing Facebook Groups yesterday we came across a pressure washer asking fellow members of a Facebook Group that conceal carry firearms, ‘how do they avoid getting them wet from sweating?’

Now, from a pale faced Brit like me, I know that should I be caught even carrying so much as a screwdriver in the UK, a Police Officer would arrest me and the screwdriver would be confiscated.

Reading through the Facebook comments made very interesting reading. I cant help thinking both how awesome it would be to protect yourself and your family like that and worried should I fall out with the wrong drunk guy in a bar. No identities are revealed in this post, I love visiting America, I want to keep it that way 🙂

The Facebook posts began  with, ‘ I open carry, 1911 .45 dipped.’

‘I opted for the stainless steel slide for that reason ( sweating)’

Others chimed in and wrote:

‘I put mine in my truck holster while working. On rare occasion in a bad neighborhood I’ll carry while working but too much. My XDS has no safety, too much mobility and ladder work it’s an accident waiting to happen.’


‘The P238 is 380. The P938 is a 9mm but just hair larger. I love it, fits in my pocket if I want to. It’s built just like a 1911. My favorite thing about it is that you can carry cocked and locked, throw it on the ground if you want and it’ll never fire. The safety must be off and the trigger has to be pulled in order for it to fire. Also, when I draw, my thumb automatically goes to the safety and flips it down, there’s no delay trying to find the safety. Plus I have 3 kids, so a safety is must for me. Feels great in my hand when using the extended mags.’

‘I carry a ruger lcp in my front pocket when washing, or the Glock 27 in the small of my back.’

‘Carry Glock 43 or 27 depending on the neighborhood in a OWB trigger lock holster. Tuck a piece of plastic in my belt behind the holster and let drape over the weapon. No wetness from washing or sweat.’

There are currently 45 states in the USA that allow the open carry of firearms. Massachusetts, Minnesota and New Jersey prohibit the open carry of long guns, whilst Florida, California, Illinois and DC do. New York and South Carolina allow open carry for long guns whilst preventing for handguns. A further 15 states require permits to open carry, while eight more have other restrictions on how, when and where to carry.

I do hope nobody refuses to PAY for the work the pressure washer has done.

In the meantime, if you want to see window cleaners lighting up a Florida forest watch this film… WARNING BAD SWEAR WORDS IN THIS FILM. In Florida alone there are around 1.4 million concealed weapon permits.