The ProTool Clever Softwash Sprayer


J Racenstein is now selling the ideal product helping users mix softwash recipes with ease. Lets take a look at the spec…

ProTool Clever Softwash Sprayer is easy to use:

Just fill the 7 gallon chemical tote, you then hook the sprayer up to the tap and start spraying. This water-powered spraying system perfectly mixes your chemicals at the mix rates that you choose. Typically used for mixing SH (Sodium Hypochlorite) at 12.5% and sticky surfactant along with water for cleaning structures.

Just about any building cleaning chemical can be sprayed and with the sprayer capable of mixing and spraying most chemical concentrates this has to be a must in your softwash armory.

The whole thing is easy to set up too. The Clever Sprayer provides precise and constant dosage at various flow rates thus eliminates all risks of under or overdosing. It is externally adjustable and operates continuously. Just set it and leave it.

SH-capable, the Clever Sprayer also supports a wide range of liquid or soluble concentrates.


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