Reach-iT Flow – First look


Yep, Reach-iT is more than just water fed poles these past few years. At first we had the Wash-iT PRO cart that did extremely well in the USA. It was made in America and adopted the standard cart design, which was not over engineered using a universal RO membrane, refillable DI cartridge and Carbon Filter. With a catchy slogan like ‘RO for Low, DI for High’ and promoting it as a no ‘BS’ system there is no wonder it would be a serious cart contender and has been for 5 years.

Reach-iT’s recent release the Reach-iT Flow is a completely different animal all together. Before with PRO it was no bells and whistles, no valves, no meters and no gauges. The FLOW is far the opposite.

At first look the size is immediately apparent as is the design lay out. The FLOW is a compact system designed to fit in the smallest of European trunks with a footprint of 40cmx55cmx70cm.

So what happened to the 40” RO Membrane? The FLOW has a dual 21” RO set up allowing the overall height (with the handle removed) to be just 32”!

FLOW is a 4-stage cart essentially with the RO split. So you have RO, sediment, carbon and resin. As a result you have the choice of using RO or DI only or mix it up depending on the area TDS.

Talking of TDS, included are dual inline TDS digital readers with three port options to take readings from. The tap, from the RO and from the DI.

This cart sports clear filter housings for the sediment and carbon filters, which is very useful in determining the depletion levels. The sediments are 10”, 10 micron spun fibreglass filter and the Carbon is a 10” granulated filter.

The RO is the most powerful part of the cart removing 90%+ and the most expensive. Maintained properly and stored correctly in the winter, if you do not work during the winter months, the RO can last 3 years+

Depending on TDS and water composition Reach-iT recommend changing the Carbon filters monthly to be safe. Testing the TDS from a known familiar and relatively steady TDS source could be one way of troubleshooting which filters need to change at what regularity.

A pump can be added to the base of the cart in a special cavity made to fit a Wayne Pump. In the UK, where Shurflo pumps are the norm Reach-iT have been quick to mention extra securing options for these smaller items.


So why would you need to add a pump for pressure? Well if you want to run a water fed pole at bigger heights, past 3 storeys depending on source pressure and the higher you go, you will need a pump to get that pure water to the glass. Colder weather can also alter the water pressure, the colder that water gets the thicker it gets. Personally carts in the UK have pumps and rechargeable batteries as standard making them truly self-contained, but mainly to draw from a 25L of pre prepared pure water. The FLOW could benefit from this add on option.

We love the modern look of the DI tank, which to me at first glance reminds me of a silver flask of coffee. Small DI chambers of 2L are not a bad thing, in the UK we are used to 11L minimum.

Other uses for the FLOW? The FLOW can be a serious alternative to those wanting to produce pure water in a static system at your place of business, mainly UK based window cleaners may go for this with static systems. A simple plug and go at a fraction of the cost of the Unger RO/DI.

Price range compared to similar usage and features in standard carts in the USA is comparable at $1999. Some IPC ranges are a double or three times the cost.

Compared to standard carts such as the Xero made by IPC, which is essentially a Reach-iT PRO replica at $1895 (royalty to Reach-iT no doubt), to compare it would be interesting to take the FLOW off road to give it a good kicking, take it over rough terrain, bounce it up and down steps and throw it to the employees.

We have no doubt this little unit will cope in real life with its carbon fibre protection plates. If you are worried about exposed angle joints snapping off, don’t! Models will include a retro fitting carbon fibre protection plate to protect all vulnerable areas.

As always, Reach-iT is always listening to its customers so shout out your input.

To order a Reach-iT FLOW follow this link