Reach-iT opens first store in USA


The water fed pole manufacturers of Reach-iT based in China have set up their first bricks and mortar store in the USA. Let us hope President Trump does not find out!

With 90% of Reach-iT’s current window cleaning supply business coming from the US, it makes sense for Reach-iT to start a chain of stores in this geolocation.

Yesterdays opening was celebrated with a party and a ceremonial ribbon cutting that included cutting through a strip of Black Diamond rubber. The party was joined from window cleaners from all over the United States including the Outlaw Window Cleaners group TJ Gilbert and Tim Huber ( Facebook fame) Casper Schjorring CEO of Black Diamond, Carrie Guenther of US Vs UK Window Cleaners, Richie Blue ( Gunslinger inventor) IWCA board member Jorge A and many more.

Reach-iT also reveals a surprise partnership with Black Diamond promising combined R and D projects on improving products for window cleaners.

“Nobody had looked at the BOAB design (Bucket On A Belt) for 50 years,” said Tait as he explained the partnership of Reach-iT and Richie Blue that had resulted in the Gunslinger, “We want to look at all window cleaning tools to see how we can progress them”.

“Our business partnership with Casper Schjorring of Black Diamond will be looking at redesigning and improving the squeegee rubber for example as well as many more products…” [paraphrased]

Casper Schjorring CEO of Black Diamond was also there cutting the ribbon at the grand opening.

Black Diamond and Reach-iT think tanks promise a raft of products including squeegee handles for the future. With the ‘thinking’ and knowledge of serial inventor Richie Blue and Perry Tait combining Taits access to manufacturing and a wealth of experience from Casper Schojjing, one is left kind of excited to the prospects of what might come out of this group.