Reach-iT Think Tank: 2017 Innovations


reach-it-logoPerry Tait is State side and currently preparing to attend a PWNA Event on the 17th and 18th November.

 Perry has always strived to improve his products and make life easier for window cleaners with the goal of getting water fed pole brush strokes down to a one up, one down movement on the glass.

Perry asks, “What do we see as the future innovations for pure water window cleaning?”

Responding to his own question, he defiantly sees the focus on less time scrubbing and less time on rinsing the glass and the future in brush design is paramount to this goal. Perry says that we need to aim towards that water squeegee across the top effect in the brush.

With this we are excited to hear that the Constructor brush will be perfected in 2017 with new innovation. After a year of customer feed back on the Constructor Brush, working with customers old issues that may have coursed a problem have been put to bed. Some issue were seemingly out of Reach-iTs control.

For example; a bad batch of bristles that caused the bristles to curl over on the brush head. Reach-iT located the problem and discovered that they had been ‘duped’ by a source factory. Perry, “We think they added recycled material into our black bristles. From this experience we decided that our bristles would be clear in future. You can’t add unwanted recycle material to clear bristles. This was an example of some of the things we had learned over the past year. It was painful for us to experience this for our customers but humble in the fact that those few that had been affected with these types of issues stuck by us”. Incidentally, Perry tait does mention that any customers who have experienced this batch problem should contact Reach-iT for the free replacements.

Getting your window cleaning technique to one stroke up and one stroke down sounds great but what about baked on debris?

Reach-iT have even thought about this. Perry says that he is not a fan of reach around or flipping the pole to a pad for removing debris. Perry says, “Its ultra time consuming and adds to your work. It’s a lazy design too; we did one but will not repeat it”.

Perry continues, “Our focus is much more simpler…. We are looking at adding a slid in panel to the constructor brush, there will be two sizes. These panel inserts will allow you to attach a pad of your choice, microfiber, bronze etc. We think making the Constructor Brush more efficient this way is key. Compressing the brush to use these pads in this way makes more sense to me”.

Dare I say it; Perry is also looking at many other agitation solutions for 2017 and exploring all possibilities such as using stainless steel bristles!! You gotta love the think tank at Reach-iT. We look forward to seeing the improvements and innovations from the Reach-iT camp in 2017.

youtube-round-pngHere is a film on the Constructor Brush: