Reach-iT Unstoppable.

The success of Reach-iT appears to be unstoppable world wide as it pumps out new innovations like their POWER and CONTROL handles designed to minimise worker fatigue and the new CONSTRUCTOR brush head designed to have interchangeable bristle sections, jets, and a swivel called SIDE 2 SIDE to customise any brush to suit individual user’s needs.
With warehouses in Sydney, Australia, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Chicago, USA and a UK presence, combined with a global drop-ship service, Reach-iT has truly become a major global entity.

Reach-iT‘s quality does not just stop at its products but extends to professional online and hands-on education giving endless support on getting the most out of your Reach-iT products and their safe use.

This month Reach-iT has ventured into new pastures, opening up warehouses in Toronto and Vancouver, in Canada. We asked CEO, Perry Tait to give us an insight on the secret of his success.

WCM: You must be extremely happy with the progress of the company?

PT: You know, I started this company with my son, Harrison when he was just 18 and had followed me to China. I felt this is the most valuable education I could offer him. It’s exciting to now see him as Creative Director of our company, learning each step that works, and all the things behind-the-scenes that fail. Yep : I am Extremely Happy !

WCM: What is next for the Reach-iT?

PT: We have 2 more CONSTRUCTOR BRUSH channel designs planned – a Sill/Radial Brush and a lighter than ‘superlight’ – I really have to think of a new term for it .. but it will be dedicated to the UK style regular cleaning. In addition to that, we have an indoor window cleaning system that we will finish production over winter.

WCM: Your latest product the CONSTRUCTOR brush has got excellent reviews?

PT: We have had amazing results .. in the USA, Randy Mills wrote to me saying he just earned $300 per hour using the CONSTRUCTOR brush, and have a listen to this recording (used with permission) of a foreman reporting in to his boss that he completed a 4 day job (2 men, 2 days) with one man in one day !

WCM: You have made a conscious effort of raising the Carbon Vs Kevlar WFP topic. Why?

PT: Simpole and Gardiner have both released Kevlar poles as their ‘premium’ poles while Unger and Reach-iT have not.
The benefits of Kevlar is 1. that it does not conduct electricity (the pole handle must be dry) and 2. that it is VERY abrasive resistant.
The weaknesses of Kevlar is 1. that it has half the rigidity of Ultra High Modulus Carbonfiber and 2. that it is a woven product (which means only half the fibres are adding rigidity in the direction that you want it).
If the objective of a flagship product is to deliver maximum possible modulus (rigidity), then Kevlar cannot be included.

WCM: Where in the world will you be visiting on one of your famous Reach-iT tours? WCM likes the fact that you guys like to press the flesh and get out and meet window cleaners.

PT: Yes .. we are just back from the HUGE EVENT in Washington DC, Harrison is heading to Singapore and Australia before the end of the year, and I am planning a return visit to USA with a week maybe in Canada.
We attribute the incredible advancement of the Reach-iT design (our business is just 4.5 years old) to the volume of face-to-face and social media feedback that we get, our ability to confront the issues from the customer’s perspective and our willingness to re-invest in modifying our designs and molds ( eg. we made 22 modifications to the RHINO CLAMPS).

WCM: As always Perry thank you for speaking so frankly, with WCM.

PT: If it ain’t frank, it ain’t real, Lee – did anyone ever tell you that you open your mouth REALLY wide when take a selfie ? hahaha #loveyoursmilebuddy


Perry Tait will be in the UK on Wednesday 28th October 2015 for 3 days and available for meet and greets with Window Cleaning Magazine. Please text Lee on 07970 569549 or email for further details. I am confident that we will announce our position on the blog and on our social media platforms. 


Pictures: Taken at Windows 101 in Seattle yesterday.