How to win a residential bid in 8 minutes


This title is a little precise dont you think? But so true! It just happened to me JUST now and it happens to me all the time. It’s so efficient, most of the time that I felt I needed to share this with you.

Its Monday morning as I write at 9.24am. I took an enquiry 9.12am. Simone asked if I could give her a quotation for a regular window clean. She used to have a guy but he turned up when he liked, didn’t do a good job, not sure if he used water or not but then she said that he was real cheap.

I asked if he was an old guy. Thought I would work out if this guy doing the windows may have been doing it like that for a zillion years or something, you know the ‘why change if it ain’t broke’ character.

“Oh, we had one an old guy’, she says’ ” He used to charge £3.00, but this guy was not that old”.

Hearing £3.00 didn’t make me feel like putting the phone down quite the opposite, I was determined to agree that she needed a more professional arrangement. So I had her name, number and now the address. Placing her on monitor I punched the details into Instant Street View by Google and after a second or two I found the property.

Instant Street View is way more user friendly than it used to be. As they update the maps, at least 80% of the images can be rotated in 3D via the rotate icon. This is super powerful giving you the option to spin that property around and count windows. Zooming out to the Street View afterwards also adds to your final bid decision.

I might add something here. I always ask if there are any conservatories or extensions to the back of the property whether I can see them or not in the 3D images. The downfall of Instant Street View is that the image dates dont always work out, plus it gives you a better picture talking about the property with the prospect.

I gave her the price including the first clean price, she agreed. My crew would have to go through to the rear via a garage door and so she was pleased that we offered a ‘text the day before the clean’ service.

I finished the call off by saying we would send a confirmation text of the service later today and get her booked in.

I never left my, office, I never left my seat. It took 8 minutes! This is happening everyday.

Conclusion: When you remove your mind from having to see a property in the ‘flesh’ to bid, you become far more efficient. You know you can look at windows in a picture and know roughly how long it will take you, so why visit it if you dont have to. Don’t get me wrong YOU WILL HAVE TO DO VISITS. Some jobs you cannot see in 360 degrees on Instant Street View and it’s difficult to bid soffit and fascia cleans on conservatory roof cleaning especially if they have not been cleaned for a very long time.

Watch the video below as I show you another property won in the exact same way: