Richard Everingham will be the voice and UK representative for the Reach iT™ range.

Welcome to possibly a new name in Water fed poles.

Some of you will have heard about the success Reach iT™ poles are having in the USA yet haven’t been fully available in the UK, until now.

Richard Everingham will be the voice and UK representative for the Reach iT™ range. Please call him directly on 07454 746956 or email





So, what makes a Reach iT™ waterfed pole different from all the other poles available today?

  • Reach iT™ Mini – 25ft Telescopic + Optional 10ft Extender
    is our Low-Reach waterfed pole solution for cleaning Ground, First & Second Floors. Amazingly, this 25’ Reach pole compacts to just 4’6” ( 1.45m). Want Third Floor reach? Simply add our 10ft Reach iT™ XT
  • Reach iT™ Pro – 45ft Telescopic + Optional 3 x 10ft Extenders
    is for Professionals to clean all levels from Ground to 4 Storeys .. and is able to be raised to 5,6, and even 7 Storeys !!!  7 Sections, 1.850m, High Modulus Carbonfibre – the perfect High-Reach Pole design and construction.

Choose which pole suits your business best, every pole can be used as a single section for ground level cleaning as each section has a protective End-Cap. Simply add sections to use the pole at varying heights. There is NO NEED TO PURCHASE ANOTHER POLE.














2 Years “No Blame” Warranty – our guarantee of quality. This includes accidental damage to sections or clamps. That’s right!! We will replace broken parts FREE even when it’s your fault.

TRANSVERSE CLAMPS – natural to use

This latest clamp technology ensures your pole is easy to use. Change the length of your pole to match your conditions with the flick of a thumb. We don’t use glue so the clamps don’t fail.

POLE-SKIN – keeping your pole young. Encapsulating your Reach-iT Pole in a neoprene Pole-Skin protects what is perfect for long-life. Be proud of your work-mate.

A RANGE OF BRUSHES – choose your weapon. Our standard ‘workhorse’ is a flagged bristle brush. Add a monofilament brush and a dual trim brush for complete accuracy. Each has purpose. Beta 2.0


Reduce your business costs and buy the right pole first time, don’t become part of the “throw away” culture. One time purchase and no surprises for at least 2 years with repairs, expensive section replacements covered with your “No Blame” warranty.

No need for an “army” of poles in your vans to accommodate various sized properties.

Cleaning upto 35ft buy the Reach iT™ Mini.

Clean from ground level to 5 storey buildings buy the Reach iT™ Pro and Reach iT™ XT section.

Save Money – Save Time – Buy right first time = No nasty surprises.