Round Partner to be official sponsor of POV: Window Cleaning documentary

It is announced that Round Partner is to become the official sponsor of POV: Window Cleaning, the new WCM TV documentary due to start filming in the summer of 2015.

For those that do not know, POV ( Point Of View) will be filmed in a reality show format. The program will be following up to 5 window cleaning companies across the UK in their day to day activities and challenges.

So what is Round Partner?

Round Partner for window cleaners is a cloud based software that organises your schedules and payments and much more.  With a Calendar to organise your schedule and a customer management system to organise your customers requirements and track payments, you can access Round Partner while on the job, in the office or at home giving the convenience of being able to keep up to date with your business. The great thing about Round Partner is that the system updates in real time out on the job. No more paper work to do when you get home.

WCM TV, the makers of POV: Window Cleaning, welcomes Round Partner and thanks Jon Lorensten ( Director of RP) for their continued support.

To check out Round Partner for yourself go here:

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