RoundPartner Update: Could RP integrate with Amazon Echo?


RoundPartner is a cloud based scheduling software for window cleaning companies, here are the latest updates from RoundPartner:

RP are now offering two subscription packages, 12 months with one month free and a 24 month package that will come with three months free subscription! RP have also added a rolling subscription package so that users don’t have to worry about their accounts expiring.

It looks like RP has rebuilt the ‘Payments’ and ‘Job’ reports in the system enabling users to filter them by date and time. Jobs can now be ordered by postcode which is enabled from the customise RoundPartner section under default job listing order.

There is now a downloadable spreadsheet of customer and booking data which is available in the ‘My Account’ section.

RP goes on to say, ” We have made a number of improvements throughout the system. We have upgraded to faster servers making our system quicker than ever before. We’ve made improvements to how our system is backed up and kept secure to ensure that our users data is protected. We want RoundPartner to be at the forefront of technology so we have taken advantage of multiple cloud services to improve our system”.

RP announces a new co-director who has joined the team and is providing lots more ideas on improving the service. RP says, “We took part in Run The River 2016 for TeachFirst children’s charity which was great fun and we recently took part in a Hackathon designed to test the Amazon Echo”

What Window Cleaning Magazine finds exciting is RP looking into Amazon Echo to see how it could be integrated into RoundPartner and help users of their software and functions.

OMG! We do hope this one works out, can you imagine asking your Echo, ” What work do I have scheduled tomorrow?” whilst you are chopping the onions for dinner? We will be following this little gold nugget very carefully and of course WCM will give our followers, subscribers, fans and Facebook members all the exclusive developments on this and more from RoundPartner .