Saturday July 25th: Window Cleaning Network Meet – Leicester

X-Line and Moerman attending. Get 20% off Moerman products (see below) after intro and check out the Power Up – never hand reel in your hose again!

Way back in February of 2013, I attended a window cleaning convention in Florida USA . The event was put on by the IWCA  and it consisted of speakers, a trade show, outdoor equipment trials, the works. I met many new friends that day for the first time including people like Peter Artusa of All County Window Cleaning previously A Sparkling View.

Although the attendee numbers were low around about 450 for such a big event, the thing that stood out for me were the networking opportunities between window cleaners themselves.

In my observations, wherever window cleaners gather, they gain the most knowledge for their business by sharing ideas. I have done this myself! I talk to other window cleaners about every aspect of my window cleaning business, High Shine. I can be at an event filming and reporting for WCM TV and WCM only to put the camera down and start talking shop. I have picked up some very useful stuff this way that I have actually implicated right into my window cleaning business.

JRC ( J Racenstein USA) routinely holds an Open House in both their New Jersey and LA offices where they have speakers, breakouts, some of the suppliers attend and I see the same thing. Great events and shows such as the biggest in the UK, The Cleaning Show is no exception and with over a 1000 window cleaners attending at the 2015 London show, I recommend you visit and gain from not just the new innovations on display but from fellow window cleaning business owners that are there just like you.

What I saw at the Florida event and having spoken to lots of attendees was that the majority got most out of the round table breakfast meetings. Everybody would emerge from their hotel rooms clutching their IWCA schedule list and eat at a breakfast buffet. The food would finish and the chat would begin. Window cleaners bouncing off business ideas and sharing solutions to problems or issues.

So, with this in mind we are going to trial something out that I think you will benefit from. You will pick up either great knowledge and help in building and growing your business or at the very least have great fun bantering with fellow window cleaners over a pint and pub food and looking at some new products on the market.

On Saturday 25th of July we are getting together at the Queen’s Head in Billesdon, Leicestershire where you can do just that. It will be nice to duplicate this through the UK, in fact we are planning one in Wales for September too with suppliers and people already signed up to attend ( just need to find the right venue first tho). I am hoping that, if this proves a success and is recieved well as a concept, I will aim to include speakers on things like business help, training, employment issues. That type of assistance.

The Window Cleaning Network Meet has emphasis on the window cleaner networking and sharing ideas with other window cleaners. An informal get together with a light sprinkling of selected manufacturers and business to business providers wherever available.

At the Leicester MEET you will find Terry Burrows, World’s fastest window cleaner (Guiness Book holder) on hand for a bit of speed racing ( although his mum is very poorly, so this may change. We wish Terry’s mum good health) Also, X-Line will be there with the X-Tank plus the brand new Evo light sill brush. The brush has only been out for a week and the feedback is really strong. Also Evolution 3K pocket poles will be there for you to check out.

Moerman will be attending. Bob Hatt will demonstrate the correct use of the new Liquidator channel designed to eliminate detailing when you need to get out your squeegee. If you like it and want to buy it Window Cleaning Centre is offering 20% discount off all Moerman products unique to attendees at the MEET. We will let you know how you can do this on the day.




Jordan King from Waterworks will be on hand to demonstrate the amazing PowerUp that is grabbing window cleaners attention. No more lifting hose reels in and out of vehicles and winding in the hose manually. See the PowerUp add on pack as well as the complete PowerUp, the remote accessory and PowerUPHD.

There are lots of local hotels near by. The Premier Inn Hotel would be the nearest with favourable room costs, bar and restaurant for those wanting to stay over.

I look forward to seeing you all there for a pint or two and yes, my film cameras will be there too for WCM TV 🙂