Soft Wash Australia


In the last week it has been a massive undertaking for the owner of Soft Wash Australia, Nick Hopkins, and the Australian launch of EBC. The final event coincided with the final and joint training day at Ionic Systems in Melbourne the other week.

Soft Wash Australia embarked on an East Coast product launch and training program, offering an insight into the emerging soft wash industry in Australia, with events held in Queensland at the Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne.

Softwash Australia secured the support of American industry heavy weights Paul Kassander , Tim Aselton, and the man behind EBC ( Enviro Bio Cleaner) Carlos Gonzales, to facilitate training and product information. The initial support and Nick from Soft Wash Australia said, ” We are totally overwhelmed with the initial response and support, with attendance of over 70 businesses across the three events!!”

“The response and feedback from the three events was extremely positive. The recognition that people came from as far as New Zealand, Western Australia, South Australia and Country regions to attend the events was amazing”.

For more information Contact Nick Hopkins at Soft Wash Australia Ph. 0400 210 646