New softwash trolley from Aquafactors


Until now softwash trolleys have resembled more a DIY set up since they are usually built onto the frame of a derived sack truck. Nothing wrong with that of course and they function very well along with the dosetronic pumps attached to them. But for those wanting something a little bit more bespoke built and tidy looking there was, – well there was nothing.

Aquafactors have changed all of that by releasing a sneak preview of their new Softwash Trolley system today.

Before, there was no alternative for the more professional look, if you wanted it. The brainchild of this creation was the very talented and innovative Stephen Scargill who was snapped up recently by Aquafactors in a shrewd amalgamation of Stephen’s company, Aquaeous Plastic Fabrications. Aquafactors has ambitious plans with many new ‘fresh thinking’ products in the pipeline. We look forward to reviewing those products for Window Cleaning Magazine readers.

Hands up, how many have heard of Aquafactors? A company not usually well known or as high profile as say the usual suspects yet Aquafactors have been around for some 25 years! Things are set to change tho for this company as the co owners Alex Hamilton and Dan Peggram set out their goals in the R&D war room, having taken over from their father 6 years ago.

The softwash trolley

What is neat about this trolley is that it is designed to look a little more professional by keeping the mechanics of the soft washing process hidden. The trolley exterior is made from a polypropylene copolymer material with a solid 40mm polypropylene handle. It has a stainless steel axle with 10″ puncture proof wheels giving it that rugged ‘off road’ look. To the back of the trolley is a 14L slimline tank together with inlets and outlets that can be used for pure water window cleaning after the softwash job has been completed.

Under the hood there is a 12L chemical tank situated inside the trolley unit with a screw cap and usual out and inlets. Neatly packed under this sits the reel that holds up to 100 metres of 8mm hose. The reel can be locked into place by a handy release catch placed on the main handle.

There is a compartment next to the chemical tank that will hold a 3-1 dosatron that will proportionate the chemical to the setting you require. Simply plug into a source tap, fill your chemical tank and set your dosatron. A neat cover that fits into place by two clips can be removed for easy access.

Variations will have a pump that fits neatly into a lower compartment and an on/off dial controller for window cleaning, should you wish to.

When and where to buy?

Rumour has it that the softwash trolley will be ready to buy sometime in January 2018. For more information you can contact Aquafactors directly at