Softwashapolooza 2017 update: was the best ever yet!


Softwashapolooza 2017 kicked off in January this year with the crews of about a hundred different soft washing companies got together again to learn from each other and understand how to improve their businesses.

AC Lockyer CEO of Softwash Systems showed his undying support for the Softwash Systems companies by demonstrating how submerging oneself in your soft washing business can provide a better return on your effort.

In network companies provided several testimonials of how business owners were able to use Softwash Systems education and support in order to build their businesses quicker than they had expected.

Other presentations  were made on marketing your business, improving your management practices and your company. Safety in your business and workplace took a front seat too, including how to be safer on roofs. This was conducted in a classroom with hands on demonstrations. Awesome move!

Outside the meeting rooms networking was going on at all different levels over coffee and lunch with equipment installed on trucks for all to discuss and learn from. There proved to be a lot of learning going on that wasn’t on the meeting agenda which is way a positive indication of the excitement that surrounds this event.

It was reported that most of everyone left the Softwashapolooza feeling that this was the best event that has ever been conducted and all were looking forward to a promising 2017.

Nice touch: Softwash Systems were recognized at SoftWashapolooza 2017 National Conference, for their contribution in raising funds for the AutoNation Cure Bowl, for the benefit of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Softwash Systems are proud to be a sponsor.