Spotless Water hit’s the spot nationally.


The window cleaning industry in the UK has very few real entrepreneurs. Largely window cleaners are happy to go about their business and few come up with great ideas with great growth potential.

Yesterday a man called Tim Morris, from Poole in Dorset entered my office. He wanted to work with Window Cleaning Magazine on getting out his message, something I am always happy to do. As he sat in front of me and told me his story, I slowly began to see his ideas and ‘got’ what he was actually ‘seeing’. And I loved it.

As an entrepreneur, vision is important. It was obvious to me how Tim Morris had already visualised his business far past the saturation of the UK. I began to get excited for him and just for that one moment I got to share in his vision and understood his goals, drive and passion.

Spotless Water is the brainchild of Tim Morris and essentially involves drop in stations for filling up with pure water, much like you would use a gas station to fill up your car.

So who would use a pure water filling station?

From a regional or national point of view, with companies that run multiple vans and sites, the advantage of ‘topping’ up or ‘filling’ away from the main depot and static system is ‘gold dust’. Window cleaners unsure of the ‘water making process’ would be able to circumnavigate the cost implication of RO/DI and gain back the lost time in maintenance and prepping for their daily water supply.

Where can I find a Spotless Water filling station?

The entire project is at its infancy, launched a couple months ago. There are already 4 locations up and running in Poole, Bournemouth, Croydon and West Molesey. Visiting the Spotless Water location map here will give you an idea of the next UK roll outs.

How does it work?

Spotless Water filling stations are plumbed in at source. The stations continually generate ultra pure water with a tank capacity of 10,000L. There are over 25 sensors on a station supported by various cameras in order to assist the Spotless Water HQ manage each site remotely. Each station is housed within a secure compound with 24hrs access and you would generally find Spotless Water partnered with companies such as Store&Secure Self Storage for example.

On pulling up to a filling station it will look a little like a haulage container beautifully finished off in Spotless Water branding. The front will have an ATM style computerised system. Once an account is setup, you simply use an electronic fob and swipe over the sensor on the front panel. Then, using a plastic card much like a bankcard, you place the card into the machine. The display panel will display the credit amount on the card. Pick up the pump and dispense, just like you would pump fuel for your car.

Spotless Water wants to achieve UK coverage in a short time period. Their goal is to have a filling station within 15 minutes drive in all urban areas.

Stay tuned for a full profile interview on Tim Morris and Spotless Water in the next issue of Window Cleaning Magazine. Learn how it all started for Tim, how he has managed to realise his vision, and more importantly, learn about the master plan behind the Spotless Water expansion program.