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Squeegee® is one of the first apps of its kind – a business scheduling app that is actually designed for use on the go.

The creators of the app, Nexdynamic, have historically used their years of experience in development and consultation to build solutions for many different types of businesses big and small around the globe. Squeegee was designed and created in order to help streamline smaller businesses who often haven’t been able to access the best technology due to being priced out of the market. Squeegee was designed with the user in mind, especially those who are sole traders, just starting out or a part of a small company. It has a no-risk solution for those businesses providing a FREE app that covers all the essentials in work scheduling that takes the time and energy out of paper diaries or complicated excel spreadsheets.


Squeegee is growing exponentially and quickly becoming widely known for excellent customer service. The dedicated team worked in partnership with a group of beta testers who helped shape the app in the very beginning before public release – they asked for features, and Squeegee delivered, with the aim being to provide the best scheduling app for mobile service providers anywhere in the world. Beyond the initial release of the app, Nexdynamic have been constantly improving the user experience by listening to the customers and building in new state of the art features to make their jobs easier. There is generally a release to the stores every few weeks delivering just what the customers have asked for.

So what does Squeegee actually do to help you in your mobile service business? Well, the app itself has full functionality on your phone or tablet for use on the go unlike its competitors.

You can add a new customer, their address using the intelligent address lookup feature (with no need for postcodes), the job or jobs associated with them, the default notification method and sort out the on-going schedule in roughly 60 seconds.

This then is mapped out on your work planner on the scheduled days showing you all the places you you need to be today, which customers are owing, which have a zero balance and which are in credit.

Marking jobs off as done is so simple, no going into spreadsheets and clicking in cells, just a swipe action for done and swipe again to mark a customer as paid! The simplicity of the app doesn’t end there, you can swipe the other way to quickly skip or re-plan a job or update the whole schedule!  

A multi-select tool allows you to mark jobs off as done, re-plan or update the schedule for larger numbers of jobs in one easy step


All of this is for free…what’s the catch?

The simple answer is the free version will always be free with no catches.  It is here to stay but with ever improving features and user experience, users will never have to pay to save themselves from adverts cropping up on their screen and they will never be spammed to sign up to the pro version.

Like other solutions from Nexdynamic, Squeegee is built on a global infrastructure with redundant servers located in multiple geographical locations. Users can sit back safe in the knowledge that their data is well and truly protected and backed up securely.

For those wanting the app to do a little more, there is the option to upgrade to the pro and soon to be released, starter subscription. These offer features beyond the essentials at very competitive prices. The additional features include (but are not limited to):

Multi-device use with syncing in real time

The Day Pilot feature with route optimisation and navigation


Insights on jobs, customers and financials

Service for imports that aren’t from any of the standard exports that the app already supports.

Something that has just been released for all users, is a unique referral code assigned to each person. With each successful referral to Squeegee starter or pro, the referrer gets £1 off their own subscription if they have upgraded or credits on their account that can build up to be used against a subscription should they want to upgrade at a later date.

This isn’t the end of development for Squeegee, there’s lots more in the pipeline that will truly take the app to the front of the field, enabling it to be used within much larger corporations and be the first of its kind with some of the features.

“I love the app. Can’t imagine life without it.”

– M Carbon, MAC Cleaning, UK

“Well done. This is a truly awesome app. It’s incredibly easy to use and looks great too. Love the weather forecast… Your app is fantastic and has simplified my days so much it’s ridiculous.”

R Hazeldine, UK

“No more Sunday nights doing paperwork”

Ricky James, Top Glass Window Cleaning

“Great app for Window Cleaners, it’s great & free, can imagine the pro version covers every little aspect. Although the free version is perfectly usable I shall be upgrading to pro in the coming weeks.”
Vince Monte, Squeaky Cleanz

“Tap, swipe, scroll and click, Squeegee makes the your work day quick!”

Liam Askew, Ryeclean

“So easy to use and will save me hours of time”

Matthew Davies, On Board Window Cleaners

“The support is up with the best! It’s certainly the quickest response I’ve ever had as a user of anything like this, with lots of easy to follow help – I can’t fault it!”

Scott Walker, EcoCleanz and Perfect Touch Valeting

Squeegee, developed and managed by Nexdynamic – Big enough to cope, small enough to care.

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