The Legend Squeegee Channel – BlackDiamond become distributors for the USA and Europe


The latest product to excite window cleaners today is yet again another squeegee channel. For some reason we go nuts over our most traditional of tools and this latest offering is no exception. To be fair I started drooling at the mouth the moment I saw it and I have been testing this product for Window Cleaning Magazine for the past few days. I am talking the LEGEND squeegee channel.

New to Canada only, that was until today’s announcement. Before today this channel could only be bought in Canada! BlackDiamond announced as distrubitors of the channel for selling into the USA and Europe. So hold on to your britches US and UK, because a bit of Legend is coming your way.

So what is the Legend channel? I will be brief as Mark Strange, our very own Canadian product reviewer for the Magazine will have the full details in the next issue of Window Cleaning Magazine. But essentially it is a wide-bodied channel with tapered ends to assist in navigating those pesky window corners. It is also able to take both T-shape or rounded rubber allowing the user to choose their favorite rubber brand.

We caught up with Casper Schjorring of BlackDiamond and asked him about this announcement today.

WCM: So you are the new distributor for the USA and Europe of the Legend Squeegee Channel. How did that come about?

Casper: Gilles Robichaud is the manufacturer and designer of the Legend. He is Canadian and the owner of WCS in Canada. We have been working on our own channel for some time and then when I talked to Gilles and found out they were doing the same thing, our design and ideas were very similar. With this type of product with less detailing we had something that would save the window cleaner time.

WCM: Why were you working on your own squeegee channel?

Casper: I think there is always a good reason to look at perfecting something further and make what is good even better. It has always irritated me that channels were made for one rubber type. That was one thing for me I needed to crush. But a major thing for me was to be able to get the best products to the customers without over charging for it too. If you look at the market today you do see some of the old big players trying to control both pricing and products. I believe we can make a change to that like we did with our rubbers – saving the cleaners money and still make a decent profit for us.

WCM: What were you looking at perfecting before discovering Gilles Robichaud’s Legend squeegee channel?

Casper: Design wise I love the wide channel design and the Legend express a lot of my thoughts too. I think Gilles did a great job there. I have always been a fan of he Sorbo Channel but I also knew that it had flaws. With this channel giving more options on the rubber and also being a wide type I think we are getting close to something extraordinary.

WCM: How did you and Gilles get talking about the product? What did he think when you told him you were working on a similar idea?

Casper: I called him up lolIt was a natural thing for Gilles and I to go this way together, with BlackDiamond being the distributor both in the USA and Europe. We both see the industry in the same way and we both have passion for the industry. Great minds think alike.

WCM: Will you make a specially cut rubber for this channel? In fact rumor has it you do have a new rubber coming out?

Casper: Yes we have a new rubber out mid march for both the Legend and the Wagtail.

WCM: The small waves you have been making into the industry are beginning to feel like large waves? You love business, this drives you?

Casper: Of course it drives me. I’m an engineer and product development is in my veins. But also like we do with the BlackDiamond squeegee rubber – we can make a great product at a lower price doing it more direct.

WCM: I have tested it out myself… I love it, closing out on deep frames will require a small adjustment to your style if above your head with a pole… it feels super light too…. Will BlackDiamond rubber now come as standard with the Legend?

Casper: I’m glad you liked it. Yes we are working on getting the BlackDiamond Squeegee rubber into all new channels.

So there you have it. The Legend is on its way to you.

Where to buy: for USA and Europe. WCS and Beautiful View – The Window Cleaning Store for Canada.