Stainless Steel bristles for the Constructor Pro Brush: 2017


Reach-iT is in super drive as they release a video today displaying new products for 2017.

The rinse bar has been given a complete over haul. Reach-iT has done away with rinse cannons and instead have made them into a one moulded piece with closer together canons.

Perry Tait of Reach-iT goes on to say, “ The previous canons solved some issues but also provided a new set of issues,” citing the new ‘one piece’ as a total upgrade.

Window cleaners will find there is also an ‘extra canon’ option, whereby every other canon is  ‘ready to use’. The window cleaner can increase the factory set number of canons simply by piercing their neighbour and allowing the canons to form.

The video from Reach-iT also shows a row of ‘stainless steel’ bristles, these will also be available in 2017.


How do they work?

You simply slide them into a Constructor Pro brush as you would any other set of Reach-iT bristles. Reach-iT believe that setting your Constructor Pro brush with internal ‘steel’ bristles will help with the efficiency on heavily soiled or hydrophobic glass.

“The introduction of stainless steel bristles has never been done before,” says Tait.

This, however, does not take away from the additional Reach-iT option of the ‘pad’ which is also new for 2017.

How does the pad work?

A panel will slide into the middle of the Constructor Pro brush; the panel is velcroed and can take bronze wool pads, micro fibre pads or any other scrubbing pad you desire.

Hey a window cleaner needs options, right?

Reach-iT is shipping out ‘testing’ kits before Christmas to selected window cleaners. We look forward to observing this development further.