There is no stopping Unger with innovation awards!


Window Cleaning Magazine has covered Unger’s new product the Unger Stingray (indoor window cleaning kit) quite a lot with videos and articles over this past 12 months. Year on year one of the giant’s of our cleaning industry that is Unger Global  picks up innovation awards for something… it is a wonder that they have any shelf space left at Unger HQ.

This year was no exception when they received the innovation award at the ISSA/Interclean North America 2016. The Unger Stingray impressed judges and it was able to battle off over 12 other innovation entries.

The ISSA/Interclean North America is a trade fair for cleaning products and so winning this award is a very high achievement.

To check out this efficient indoor cleaning system again, watch this video for real window cleaners opinions on the product:


SYNOPSIS: The Unger Stingray is an efficient indoor window cleaning tool that allows an operator to complete their cleaning work up to 25% faster than if using a simple spray bottle and cloth. The Unger Stingray helps with cleaning at heights too with add on sections and its unique microber tri-pad allows the operator to access all corners of the glass or wall surface area. The product is battery powered and the cleaning solution provided in a neat little pouch that simply slips into the machine. The solution is a special formula in conjunction with 3M that helps keep the surface stay cleaner for longer. It is ultra lightweight and easy to use.