Tendering for commercial window cleaning contract live on twitter

Hi, ( sorry Colin)

I have to mention Colins email to me just 10 minutes ago! Proof of how following the process of my attempt to win a commercial contract live on twitter (with blog updates) really works!!! It proves that you can take something out of it and grow a successful window cleaning business!!

Coilns email:

Hi lee,  Many thanks for the reply, ive just had a read of your blog and it is great,

ive been sending out emails for com work and havnt been getting anywhere. I

can see how your letter grabs the attention and mine just doesn’t. I look

forward to following you on twitter mate

The next update is: Now that the email has gone to the contact, I will give him a few days. The bad thing is that I know that the College may be on half-term break next week.

This means that I may follow up with an email after the break. I will show you that email follow up when it is completed. then we move to the next stage after that.

Thanks again Colin. Follow it on twitter @LeeBurbidge . You can email me at lee@windowcleaningmagazine.co.uk