Terry on the telly, tomorrow around 7.30pm

Called my mate Terry today, this is how the conversation went….

Lee:  So, Terry you are on The One Show tomorrow night, wow dude?

Terry: Show starts at 7pm, 18 September tomorrow its on BBC1 

Lee: Who are you meeting on the show?

Terry: Apart from Usain bolt not sure.

Lee: Usain Bolt!!! What the hell?! What is it about?

Terry: It’s a window cleaning challenge, Lee. Him against me (laughs)

(Un –audible noise) Terry: I think Lee Burbidge has just dropped the phone…

Lee: Sorry bout that dude, I just dropped the phone. What the hell??!! Usain? You? Challenge? You been sniffing on the fairy bubbles again bud??

Terry: Na Lee it’s a great gig. See, they called me up to challenge Usain Bolt on the telly and its on tomorrow night!

Lee: Bloody hell! How did that come about?

Terry: The new Guinness World Record book is out. This happens to me a lot!

Lee: You got one real interesting life dude. So is it a general stunt or for a cause?

Terry: To be honest it’s just for a laugh really. Puts window cleaning back into the limelight again too.

Lee: Do you recon your going to be using the Guinness World Record windows?

Terry: They may use just one pane but not sure till I get there. Its more fun and a bit of banter between two fastest men ( laughs)

Lee: What you gonna do if Bolt beats ya?

Terry: Ha! no chance it’s Terry Turbo time!!

Lee: Do you think Bolt will be a good sport if he looses? Or will he kick sh**t out of ya?

Terry: Not sure (nervous laugh) He is a very competitive guy but he will lose and he will get over it in time.

Lee: So what will you do if he asks you to clean the windows of his house on a monthly cycle after the show?

Terry: If he thinks I am going to Jamaica he can jog on! I would love to do a virgin media ad with him tho.

Lee: How long are you on the telly for and where into the program is the section your in?

Terry: 10 mins ‘ish may be more around 7.30pm but as the show is live things change so not 100%

Lee: Call me tomorrow from the show?

Terry: yeah no problem Lee. Just to say to work with such an icon is truly amaze balls! Catch you later Lee….. oh and Lee keep this under your hat!

Lee: No probs, your secret is safe with me Terry.