The best equipment for window cleaners

As you well know, window cleaning can be a challenging trade, whatever the weather. Hard days spent negotiating tall buildings and tricky windows can be made more challenging by the unrelenting wind and rain.

One thing that will make your job easier, however, is access to good quality, affordable equipment. This can make the difference between providing a first class service and losing a long-term customer for good.

Ettore window cleaning equipment offers an affordable range of squeegees and washers which meet industry standards. Unger window cleaning supplies also have a number of top quality products which are suitable for professional use.

Most cleaners will arrive at their first job in high spirits only to be dampened by low energy levels and inclement weather. Make sure you have a decent breakfast and wrap up with a wind resistant jacket and fleece.

Up the ladder, down the ladder, in the van, on the lawn, as a window cleaner you are always in the office, so it’s vital that you are able to access your mobile phone and diary at all times. Unger make a high quality personal bag which will make sure you don’t miss out on that next job.

Now that the work has started, you will need access to a steady supply of hot water; without this you will struggle with the easiest of jobs. You then need a decent size bucket: Unger make a very good value 28 litre variety, allowing you to clean large areas without changing water constantly.

Cleaning fluid is next on the list: here you want something that is super concentrated and doesn’t create a huge amount of foam or residue; Unger liquid is our product of choice although it is slightly more expensive than Brite’s equivalent.

As the day draws on you will be glad you packed that essential item, the flask. Be sure to break the day up with a cup of tea or two, although with luck your delighted host will bring out the biscuit tin.

A high quality, sturdy squeegee is one of your most important tools. To save time you can now buy squeegees which double up as washers, allowing you to wash and wipe in one easy motion: the lightweight Ettore Backflip is the best; if you require a larger alternative, the ErgoTec Ninja is also very good.






Unless you have elastic arms, there will be some windows which are always out of reach. The Ettore Interlock extension pole will fit the Backflip squeegee and give you additional reach of 12 feet. A ladder however, will allow you to get up and close; the Abru Double-Extension Ladder is our favourite and will give you a safe and sturdy solution up to 25 feet. Tough stains? The Unger ErgoTec Glass Scraper will allow you to remove difficult window stains like chewing gum and a chamois leather will give you a winning finish.

Once the job is done you can finally head indoors, safe at last from the wind and rain. That is unless, of course, you have neglected another of your prized assets: the van; you want to project a positive image at all times, so make sure you keep it clean, windows ‘n all!