The Most Positive Man I Know.

His name is Darron Mothersby and he is, by a long way, the most positive person I have met for some time.
On August 31st 2012 he fell from his ladder while window cleaning and is now paralysed from his neck down. Despite this any visitor to his bedside goes away feeling much better than when they arrived. Yes he has issues with his health, he’s desperate to get rid of his respirator for example, but Darron is full of encouragement and positivity.
He hopes to go home at some point in the future. He has an indoor chair that he can operate with his chin, it’s not great because as he moves and bumps into something it clouts him in the chin.

What he really needs is a head operated outdoor chair. Sadly this is not in the budget for the local authority. At a cost of £15k it’s also not in the range of Darron’s pocket either.

What is remarkable is that his many friends have started a collection doing Marathon runs and garden parties among other things and have so far raised £8.5k toward his much needed chair.

So here’s the thing, can I ask that if you have read this blog you do some if not all of the following things
1. Go to Darron’s facebook page and ‘Like’ the page:
2. Re-tweet/message/facebook this blog so that your friends can also share this message.
3. Send Darron a message, say hi or tell him Hull City will be relegated. He’s a good sense of humour!
4. Finally, and only if you are able, see if you can donate a few £’s to his fund:

(This link will not work from a mobile device, it can only be accessed from a desktop.)

Darron is a wonderful man and is supported tirelessly by his family and friends, he’s had a setback in life and yet is the most giving of individuals. I love the guy and don’t see him nearly as often as I would like to. Can we as individuals, businesses and fellow window cleaners make his life just that little bit easier. If you can, please do.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please share.

Stuart (The short one with no hair in the picture)