The Scottish get a new Cleaning Show!

Not for 20 years has Scotland had its own cleaning show but this 3rd and 4th of September 2014 that all changed. Brought to you by Martin Scott and the Fairweather Events team, Martin shared his vision for the Expo events of 2015 ( Read this in the next issue of )

WCM were there to take a look around yesterday. It was great to see Gleaming Insurance, Moreman and SpaceVac.

Unger were carrying out a wrecky of the event, that gave WCM a chance to chat to Hanna Maslova their Marketing Manager from Unger UK.

The show was small and the stands that were window cleaning related were even smaller but judging by Unger’s comments yesterday this show will gain further exhibitor support in future events here. It must be a tad disappointing for exhibitors this year as numbers through the door were very low, but there is always going to be low turn outs at a small, new venture like this. I believe this event will be supported by the Scott’s as time goes by and more exhibitors join the floor plan.

It was great to speak with Martin Scott the events organiser and understand his vision for Expo. WCM and the Guild of Master Window Cleaners have agreed a stand with Martin for the NEC Expo Birmingham ( next year ) which was great for us.

SpaceVac had a lot of interest at the show ( glad to have them as a Guild Partner)

As always, the FWC stand seemed unwelcoming to WCM. They seem to lack passion for the industry and act fearful of competition. Gleaming Insurance had a few interests but would of liked to of seen more people through the door.

This could be the place to watch and attend in Scotland for the future. We believe events like this will keep regional attendance and will grow in popularity over time.

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