Thiefing git!!


Leighton Cuthbert swung from his ladder and leaned into an open bedroom window to grab a credit card, which he used to buy pizza and phone calls.

But the episode was captured on camera by a neighbour, who grew suspicious of the time it was taking 30-year-old Cuthbert to clean three panes of glass.

Andrew Mitchell, who lives opposite, took out his mobile phone and started recording the burglary.

‘It took him 20 times longer to clean the window than it should have done, which I thought was a bit strange,’ said Mr Mitchell, 57.

‘He was a chancer because the windows were slightly open. He goes about it quite brazenly and was up and down the ladder like a yo-yo.

‘It was not until afterwards that I realised what I had captured. The police could not believe how stupid he was.’

Customer Adrian Neal, 57, cancelled his credit card after the burglary in August last year but not before Cuthbert spent £150, including £42 at Domino’s Pizza. Mr Neal said: ‘I thought it was the window cleaner but I could not prove it until my neighbour said he had the video.’

Cuthbert, of Telford, was jailed for 14 months at Shrewsbury crown court after pleading guilty to one charge of burglary and five charges of fraud

Thanks to Indra for letting us know about this story.