Lee’s thoughts: IWCA Convention build up in Scottsdale Arizona


So I got into Phoenix, Arizona Sunday gone, took the short cab ride (60 bucks) to the We-Ko-Pa Resort and Conference Centre for the IWCA 2017 Convention and trade show.

Firstly I would like to thank the board of the IWCA for inviting Window Cleaning Magazine to attend this event, it really is an honour. The warmth and love from this board is outstanding. These guys really care about our industry. They really want fellow window cleaners to stay safe, play safe and grow our businesses. I have a special thanks to Jason York. We share visions, ideas and completely understand each other. The message has to get out to all.

With the new OSHA rulings, a lot of window cleaners will have to get to grips with how these new ruling may or may not effect your business. The IWCA are the right people that carry the messages and they do that through people like myself and my fellow partners in crime Allison Hester of eClean and Mr Draper of AWC. We are a family with similar goals and with safety and education in the industry as driving factors.

I sat in with AWC on the IWCA board meeting yesterday that extended into most of the day. We got the thumbs up and paparazzi jokes. The board had a serious agenda with varying topics from OSHA to Paul West and the new ‘scratched glass’ updates ( we will have more from Mr West later for the readers), and again I thank them for allowing me to witness their world.

I’m geared up today, looking forward to seeing the new attendees in this mornings meeting/registration at 7.30am AZ time. The trade show starts this afternoon so expect some live feed from me.

This afternoon, late should be the best time to catch both my home market in the UK and the US, Canada etc. There is a 5 hour difference between here and the UK. If you miss the LIVE FEED it will be there for you to view later. Of course we will also film Booth Talks for production back in the UK.

I particularly want to get a close look at the new Ettore pole and go into more detail on Tuckers water fed pole – there will be a lot more goodies to show you. There is a lot of soft wash and pressure washing talent here too, people doing great stuff.

If you want to catch any LIVE FEEDS from the IWCA from WCM, sign up for notifications on our business Facebook Page. The link is here https://www.facebook.com/windowcleaningmagazine/

In the past 24 hours, the hotel has seen industry rock stars turn up to attend this event. From serious business owners like Peter Artusa of All County Window Cleaning to well known suppliers and manufactures.  People are flying in from all over the world. Perry Tait of Reach-iT is here ( from China), The UAMCC Ron and Doug are here and many more …. I’m hoping to introduce my readers to all of these great guys…..