Top 7 Tricks to Help you Upsell to your Customers

So what is upselling? Don’t be put off by the sales jargon and think it’s harder than it really is. Upselling is simply about persuading your customers to take more from you. They want to buy one of your products? What about taking 2 or 3? They want to get your services for a year? What about committing to 18 months? Or give them a package or bundle of services rather than just the one thing that they normally take.

How do you do all this without being too pushy and turning your customers off? Try these tricks:


Change your mindset – this is not about pushing stuff at people, it’s about giving good offers to your loyal customers who are already buying from you and probably want more anyway. Stop feeling guilty about trying to sell more!


Always make the upsell offer significantly better value than buying individual things – it has to be worthwhile it you are going to persuade people.


Offer one upsell deal at a time – if your customer turns that down, don’t just move to offer 2 and 3!

Follow up 

Offer after the sale – for example of you have an online business, let your customers trade up to an upsell offer within 30 days to allow time to get comfortable with your service

Don’t give up

Upsell at every buying point and over time your customers will start to get used to the idea of taking more. Remember, you only need a small number to take up an upsell offer to make a big difference to your profit line

Pick your moment

There are always times when it is not right to upsell. Have you ever been on the end of a bad customer service call when the rep suddenly tried to sell you something? Don’t follow this slavishly – if your customer is not happy, or in a rush they won’t buy more!

Get Feedback

Use upselling as a way of getting some feedback – if they don’t take the offer, ask why not? Is the offer not strong enough, is it a cashflow issue or is there simply a limit to how many of your products a person needs?