Can I use a UK truck for my pure water system?


A lot of window cleaners have looked at using TRUCKS instead of VANS for their window cleaning business in the UK.

So what are the pro’s and con’s and how good are trucks for window cleaners?

First let us look at the negatives.

Err, ok there are none that spring to mind right now except to probably mention that if you are looking for anything over a 350/450L tank size then the truck is not the answer. But then again a combo VAN is also not the answer. Yon need to be thinking way bigger vans.

Now lets look at the positives.

Where do we start? Let us start with capacity and comfort.

A truck such as the Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger or Mitsubishi L200 are superb for any thriving window cleaning business. Not only do they have the off road power but drive equally well on long journeys with the comfort of a luxury saloon car with the full specs. Choosing the double cab allows you to use the truck for business and family life seating up to five people. Small vans seat only two with larger vans seating three without the family car saloon feel.

How much can you fit into the pick up section?

Even with a double cab selection there is ample room in the back for a pure water system and equipment. It will be essential for you to buy a truck with a Handy Man cover or back top for protecting your equipment from the British weather or if you intend to keep tools and equipment in the truck over night.

There will be plenty of room for a 350/450 tank, strapped in via ratchet and D rings, a 100 metre hose reel, safety cones, a trolley system such as one from Pure Freedom to use as a controller and pump, a collapsible ladder or quad mini set for access situations. You will still have lots of room for a mini A frame, Unger extension pole, your trad gear, cloths and tool box that will hold your spares of rubber and other items. A Gardiner CLX 27ft pole will fit neatly in the truck too, with 27ft being enough pole extension to clean third floor properties all day long.

Set your flow on the digital pump between 20 and 30 all day and you have a fully fledged delivery only system.

What if I want to make pure water in the truck?

Lots of window cleaners park their vans up overnight on the drive way and fill up their van mounted systems here. This process will take approximately 6 to 7 hours and so an auto cut off is essential. You can set up the truck system in the same way if you are good at DIY. The best part of that is you get to retro fit it how you want it to be. Just make sure you add the filters in a great position for maintenance. Unlike some vans, there are no side sliding doors in a truck!

There is plenty of room to house RO/DI and other pre filters on a truck mounted system.

But if DIY isn’t you, do not panic! I have seen awesome system fits by companies such as Ionics, GrippaTank and X-Line into trucks. So do give them a call.


What about safety?

If a full system is fitted by a professional then they will advise whether or not they will have a need to drill down into the floor of the pick up. A pick up is unique from a van having effectively two separate bulk heads between the pick up cavity and the dual cab. The appropriate ratchet strap and factory fitted D rings will be enough to hold the tank into place but I would advise a routine ratchet inspection, replace when looking less than new or overly stretched. Over time there maybe movement from side to side. The right tank should fit snug between the rear wheel arches, measure well pre fitting. Trucks are designed to hold heavy, live loads, that’s what makes them perfect.

There must be at least one negative?

No. Not really. Except to say that the only draw back of a smaller tank is on really dirty first cleans where you need the controller flow high. This will deplete your pure water quickly. The same is true for small tanks in small vans so this is not exactly a negative.

It is not too bad if you are able top up your pure water from your own static system but a problem if you fill up over night as a truck mounted system. You want to avoid using all your pure water and having none to complete the rest of your scheduled jobs. Planning is king here!

Add a tow bar and double the cash into your business!

If you have not got a tow bar on your truck, I advise you to add one. You will have a window cleaning customer base that already trusts you and your services and love what your business does for them. It takes far less money and energy to market to your existing customer base than to market to new customers. Trucks can pull at least 2.5 tons+ behind them. This means you can add a trailer with a bowser and pressure washer or the same with a split tank for softwashing and double your income over night picking from the low hanging fruit. Everyone’s happy!

Round up

Trucks make good family vehicles as well as good money making machines.

Trucks offer better protection.

Trucks can take your window cleaning business rural and off road.

Plenty of room in the back separate from the cab.

Can double up as a pressure washer/softwashing rig.