Tucker Dual Trim Brush Review


This is the Tucker Dual Trim brush

Tucker have been making water fed brushes since the 1950’s. For decades they have spent time and more than a shed load of cash perfecting this product.

The Tucker dual trim is a quality made brush with a great performance and the secret is in the high quality bristles used.

The stock holds over 22,848 of them, that is nearly 23,000 points of contact to the glass!

When you combine that with a classic dual trim design and using quality materials, this brush turns out not be one of the cheapest on the market, but you pay for what you get…. so they say.

For all you weight junkies out there that feel that even the slightest addition of weight equivalent to a ‘feather’ is some how detrimental to your health or business … I never get that, especially when it is sooooo marginal and sooooo lite… this brush weighs in at 270 grams for the 12″ brush head.

The brush comes in 100% nylon or as a hybrid dual trim using hogs hair inner bristles.

At the moment it comes in two sizes, 12″ and 18″…. erm, that’s actual bristles on the glass and not stock size.

I have been using the 12″ for the past 4 months. At first I had concerns about the corners of the stock, I thought this might cause dents if I bumped it into soft wood on sash windows for example. Whereas Tucker said they could provide a bumper trim in order to deal with that, after testing on national coffee chain stores that have these sash windows, I found this not a problem after all.

The bristles splay well and are densely packed compared to recent Gardiner brushes I have used for example and so I can say definite advantages in some job use and conditions.

WCM TV visited three window cleaners around the UK who had bought the Tucker brush. We asked how they are getting on. You can watch this film here.

Where to buy this product? Window Cleaning Magazine recommends: CLEANING SPOT for the UK – OSMOWORKS for the NLD – WaterFed Poles (By WCR) and J.Racenstein for the USA 

Want to be a Tucker distributor? email here: shawn@rhgproducts.com