UK window cleaners, listen up. It’s turf war!

Guys! I have got a fab idea that involves pitting two window cleaning companies against each other in a turf war paint balling event.

The plan would be to give you all  free t-shirts on the day which will say, ” I went mental with the Window Cleaning Magazine” and the T-shirt will include your company name or logo.

The complete event will be filmed so we will have, head cams, steady cams, booms etc for all the action….. plus it will be a great day out!

The winner of the Turf War Paintballing event will then win a big prize and trophy…….

So what do you think? Is there enough interest out there, please email me at leave a message in this blog or tweet me @LeeBurbidge.

Also you can contact us on our web site or on our Facebook page 0 The Window Cleaning Magazine.