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Washers Truck On Fire

Pressure washing business owner Matt Horn, 32, of Shelbyville, Kentucky found his work truck engulfed in flames as he drove to a local job last Wednesday. Mr. Horn owner of Complete Wash Pressure Washing, told Window Cleaning Magazine, “I was heading to a job in Taylorsville when the gauges went nuts. Smoke filled the cab then by the time I got it pulled over the fire was coming out from the dash and up the windshield.”…

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North Of The UK Gets Spotless

Spotless Water outlets have been popping up slowly across the South of England. If you don’t know what Spotless Water is by now, I would have to ask where have you been for the past couple of years? Briefly tho, for those that are unaware of how it all works let me just go over the concept real quick for you. Filling stations are placed around the country. At the filling stations, you can pay and decant…

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Reach-iT’s Window Weapon cutting through the BS

  Window cleaners are snapping up the latest innovation release by Reach-iT. Window Weapon a brand new water fed pole brush has already been reported for its ability at cutting through ‘BS’ and that’s no ‘bull’, rather its all ‘bird (poop)’. Yes, Window Weapon destroys baked on, hardened glass debris such as bird poop with ease reporting savings in clean time of up to 50%! That’s HUGE! Using the signature hydro blade the brush has a specially allocated space that allows users to…

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All County Window Cleaning has new offices!

Playtime: 4.03 Synopsis: A return to Window wars and All County Window Cleaning The story: Back in 2013, we filmed a small fun video series called Window Wars. It was based on two competing window cleaning companies battling out for turf in the NJ and NY states of the USA. You can watch that here https://www.youtube.com/watch… In 2014 we followed that up by returning with Peter Artusa: After Window Wars. You can watch that here: https://www.youtube.com/watch… Peter the smaller company of…

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Reach-iT opens first store in USA

The water fed pole manufacturers of Reach-iT based in China have set up their first bricks and mortar store in the USA. Let us hope President Trump does not find out! With 90% of Reach-iT’s current window cleaning supply business coming from the US, it makes sense for Reach-iT to start a chain of stores in this geolocation. Yesterdays opening was celebrated with a party and a ceremonial ribbon cutting that included cutting through a strip of Black Diamond rubber….

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How many Wagtail squeegees can we find?

Playtime: 5.34 Synopsis: Wagtail, Wagtail, Wagtail this video is all about how many Wagtail squeegees can we find at the shop. I give my daughters Danielle and Lily 5 minutes to find all the Wagtails they can. How many do you think they can find? Does anyone want a Wagtail? LOL Don’t forget once you have subscribed to our YouTube Channel, you will need to click the BELL icon too. This will notify you as soon as a fresh…

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I nearly missed this DEMO!

Playtime: 12.31 Synopsis: When window cleaning meets soft washing, is when the big boys join forces on projects. Check out this Ionic Systems module, the only one currently out working in the UK ( at time of filming) fit neatly into the flatbed truck of a fully loaded Softwash Systems set up. Softwash Systems were holding ‘roadshow’ style demos last week in varied locations across the UK. The star host was soft washing grand master AC Lockyer,…

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Amazing people do amazing things!

Playtime: 8.33 Synopsis: Think about the drama in your life right now, then think about this place, where terminally ill children get their wishes granted and their families supported x The story: Amazing people do amazing things. Watch a group of window cleaners as they help out on a charity clean at ‘Give Kids The World’. Every year the IWCA asks a host company/member to choose a cause where they invite window cleaners from the convention & trade…

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New ‘on the pole’ TDS reader

It is so hard to keep up with Reach-iT lately in the innovation and ‘good ides’ arena. Today they set into production a little useful gadget that is designed to be used with any pole. Yup, you do not have to buy a Reach-iT to use the Check-iT. Check-iT is essentially a TDS meter that sits between the pole and brush. The idea is that your workers or you can click a button on the Check-iT device in order…

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Revealed: Gunslinger will be part of a ‘system’

Not heard of the Gunslinger yet? Essentially this is the next generation of squeegee and applicator holster that sits on a window cleaners hip hanging from a utility belt. The Gunslinger is not really a BOAB ( Bucket on a belt) it is claimed to be better than that. Utilising ‘tip tech’, washable, rugged materials and having the flexibility to hold your tools securely without the knee knocks plastic BOABS dish out, this product is riding a trending rage currently….

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