WCM speaks to Perry Tait CEO of Reach–iT


WCM: Hello Perry. What can you tell us about your WFP pole?

Perry: The Reach-iT MiNi is our Low-Reach water fed pole solution for cleaning Ground and First Floor. Amazingly, this 25’ Reach pole compacts to just 4’6”(1.45m).

Every week we get emails from professional window cleaners (and newbies) cleaning from 2 storey to 7 storeys, telling us how thrilled they are and how they “love their Reach-iT MiNi”. We are proud of that.

Whether you are a full-time window cleaner or an opportunist, this is the perfect lightweight carbon fibre pole.

WCM: There is something new about your poles?

Perry: We provide a one pole solution. If you want to go to 3 storeys after you have bought the Reach – iT MiNi, no problem just add one Reach-iT XT.  In the past, traditional Pole Manufacturers persuaded window cleaners to buy a 10’ pole and brush to start on the ground work and then an 18’ pole with another brush and tube kit and then a 25’ pole and brush tube set for 2 storey work and then a 35’ pole and brush for 3 storeys window cleaning.

For those professionals who want to clean higher you would then have to buy a 4-storey 45’ pole with brush and tube kit
and so on: 5 storey pole 55’ pole with another brush and tube,
a 6 storey pole 65’ pole with yet another brush and tube,
and maybe even a whopping, super expensive 7 storey pole …

What a good business it has been. What is their modus-operandi?

Confuse us with options … too many pole lengths to choose from; complex pole material options.

These poles are designed for limited usability with short and unconvincing warranties.

WCM: Could you try and put that into money for us?

Sure – nothing could be easier to answer – whatever Reach-iT pole you invest in, to start with, all future upgrades are just $35 per ft ( around GBP23).

This is amazing, because with Reach-iT, a window cleaner can grow his business one storey (11′) at a time – for just $350.

Now, just ONE JOB can pay for an upgrade and justify the investment in a higher reach.

For example, an owner of a 45ft Reach-iT PRO 4, can, for $350 (GBP220), reach 5 storeys, or 55′ !  Truly Revolutionary !

WCM: What about other poles in your range?

Perry: All of our poles are unique. We have a water fed pole solution, whilst our friends mostly sell fixed length water fed poles.

Reach-iT MiNi is 2 poles in 1, servicing the ground to 3rd storey market (35′).

Reach-iT PRO 4 is 4 poles in 1 servicing the commercial window cleaner wanting to clean ground to 4th and above.

Reach-iT PRO 4 is a high-modulus, super-strong (and still really light at 2.95kg / 6.5 lbs) telescopic water fed pole that , when you remove the last 2 sections leaves a 35′ super-strong water fed pole that is understandably lighter and easier to use!

As you clean to the ground, you can remove a further 2 sections to reveal PRO 2 – a 25′ reach pole and finally for real groundwork and balustrades, you can even remove another 2 Sections to use PRO 1 – all from the one pole system.

At the other end of the scale if you want to go from PRO 4 (45 ft) to 55 ft, simply add a Reach-iT XT, and you are at 55′, with internal tubing!

You will never buy a fixed length pole again!

WCM: Interesting? Tell us more.

Perry: Welcome to the Future: Our PATENT PENDING Modular-Scopic design is so simple, it is almost a shame that no-one else has done it.

We don’t offer poles made of different compositions. We have developed the strongest and most rigid carbon fibre composition with the lightest construction to ensure each pole is practically indestructible.

With this in mind, we offer a 2 YEAR, No-Blame full warranty on the Reach-iT Range of poles from futureofcleaning.com. We assert that you cannot break our poles from window cleaning but, if you drop them, no matter how you break it, we will replace each section: FREE OF COST and FREIGHT.

Our Policy is: Make Quality Products that don’t come back for Customers that do.

WCM: What features can you tell us about your WFP’s?

Perry: We use TRANSVERSE CLAMPS because they are natural to use. This latest clamp technology ensures your pole is easy to use. Change the length of your pole to match your conditions with the flick of a thumb.

ADVANCE MARKINGS for complete control. 
When extending each telescopic section, a red marking appears 200mm in advance so you don’t unintentionally separate any section from your pole.

POLE-SKIN keeps your pole young looking.
Encapsulating your Reach-iT Pole in a neoprene Pole-Skin protects what is perfect for long-life. Be proud of your work-mate.

END-DEFENDER adds toughness. Precision engineered stainless steel End-Caps add a new dimension of toughness to each telescopic pole section – giving them freedom to stand-alone anywhere.

EXTENDABLE GOOSENECKS reaching further. Light-weight Carbon fibre Gooseneck with interchangeable extensions give you increased horizontal reach of 30cm, 50cm or 70cm.

PERSONALIZATION as we are all about YOU!
We personalize your Reach-iT Pole on the clamp lever with a laser-engraving of your Company Logo or Asset Number.

A RANGE OF BRUSHES for you to choose. Our standard ‘workhorse’ is a flagged bristle brush. Add a monofilament brush and a dual trim brush for complete accuracy. Each has purpose.

CUSTOM-BUILT POLES, we can work with you. 
If you have a unique pole design or application, we would like to work with you to transform other industries as well. MOQs Apply.

WCM: Thank you Perry. We like the look and idea of your poles. These poles are available through local distributors in UK, USA, AUS and NZ.

There link goes at the end: www.futureofcleaning.com