WCM voting suspended due to allegations of cheating!

It would appear that WCM has become part of the news events tonight.  It has  been discovered and possibly confirmed that cheating may have occured  during the first 4 days of its vote for the Best Residential Water Fed  Pole 2012. We are still looking into how this could of happened, if true.

As a result and as we investigate, we will be suspending the vote with view of a possible relaunch should cheating be confirmed. We first need to get to the bottom of the allegations and if true figure out how the abuse of the voting system could of happened.

Lee Burbidge goes on to say, ” If this turns out to be true, it would make a mockery of something I feel passionate about. I have spent time and money in setting up this vote. I will definitely get to the bottom of it and hopefully restore the voting as soon as possible”