Reach-iT’s Window Weapon cutting through the BS




Window cleaners are snapping up the latest innovation release by Reach-iT. Window Weapon a brand new water fed pole brush has already been reported for its ability at cutting through ‘BS’ and that’s no ‘bull’, rather its all ‘bird (poop)’.

Yes, Window Weapon destroys baked on, hardened glass debris such as bird poop with ease reporting savings in clean time of up to 50%! That’s HUGE!

Using the signature hydro blade the brush has a specially allocated space that allows users to place scrub pads of differing types. The result is the best of both worlds having the use of scrubbing power along with overhead ‘rinse as you go’ Hydro-Blade technology.

Mark Race of Race Team Window Cleaning, London has been one of the first in the UK to purchase Window Weapon. Having seen his profile post on Facebook tonight, we thought we would have a quick chat with Mark and find out how he is getting on with his new kit.

“It has to come up perfect every time,” Mark says, “Some of the buildings I am cleaning are worth 70 to 100 million pounds”.

Only having received his new brush in the post recently, Mark is super impressed at the efficiency. “I cleaned a job today, that was caked in bird muck. It’s not a big job, and I do it once or twice per year. Usually, it takes 2 hours to clean, I did it today in 40 minutes with the Window Weapon.”

When asked if he sees it more of a specialty brush Mark was confident in that Window Weapon will now form part of his daily ‘go to’ brush. “It’s absolutely awesome,” Mark says, “This brush is definitely an everyday brush. I work for high-end estate agents such as Knight Frank, I mean these people sold Stonehenge for a client of theirs a number of years back so you can see that the equipment I use is important. It has to do the job”.

“I clean in places like Mayfair,” Mark continues, “…and so getting a quality job done in less time saves me money on parking tickets (laughs). London streets are not exactly the best places to squeeze in a window cleaning truck at the best of times.”

Reach-iT hit the headlines a while back after releasing the innovative Hydro-Blade that transformed the Constructor Brush into a revolutionary idea of ‘rinse as you go’. The positioning of the jets within the Hydro-Blade bar is crucial in the ‘rinse’ science. This helped turn the Hydro-Blade into a hydrophobic glass buster.

This was not your standard rinse bar thinking and today its mind-boggling that no one else has considered this very small detail that changed everything for the Constructor Brush.

Window Cleaning Magazine is hoping to report direct from the Reach-iT factory in China at the end of the month. We hope to get a closer look at Window Weapon and more.

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