What an awesome window cleaning community you are.

The Window Cleaning Magazine would like to thank,  ‘you guys’ for your continued support to this publication. Window cleaners from all over the world read WCM, with big followings in the UK and US.

The Magazine began life only in October 2011 committing to publish on a quarterly basis. So far, we have published three issues with the 4th (July 2012) soon to be published. Our first year already!!

Its web site (www.windowcleaningmagazine.co.uk) has attracted great numbers of visitors, even in between issues with the number of visitors now reaching 500 per day (as of todays date). You guys are awesome!

WCM editor, Lee Burbidge, has also been interviewed by the Window Cleaning Business Owner magazine (WCBO in the USA) and will feature on the front cover in their July issue.

The magazine continues to grow as more and more people learn about it.

For its 3rd issue (April 2012) we decided to try and come up with a way to simplify the online reading experience, listened to its readers and created a members area where the current issue of WCM, including back copies could be viewed in various formats, read online or downloaded to your desk top.

Now that we have a member’s area, we would like to fill it with content for you, so that you have a wealth of information. This we are planning to do with your help.

We would be grateful for your input and suggestions as well as articles. The magazine and its website continues to be moulded by its readers. The only magazine of its kind on the market.

WCM has set its next target for 1000 visits per day and would like to open up to discussion the idea of a ‘face book’ style add on to its site that would include the following features:

Social activity streams will show recent member activity with Facebook style news feed.

Discussion forums allow members to post messages and interact in lively discussion.

Members Groups – the site will develop a life of its own by allowing members to create and join groups.

Events – the website would be an excellent tool for organizing and promoting public or private events.

Private Inbox Messaging – through convenient threaded conversations, members can privately message each other.

You can sign into the site instantly from your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

IM and Video Chat – provides a Facebook style chat bar. Members can chat via instant messaging.

Photo Galleries – upload an unlimited number of photos to your site and organise them into private or public photo albums.

Here are other cool features (some may have been repeated);

  • Members have their own profile page.
  • Can share content with the community.
  • Post to their Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Follow other members and receive updates from other members.
  • Like and comment on content.
  • Browse, follow and message the other community members.
  • Join and create sub groups.
  • Join and create events.
  • Post in the forums.
  • In addition, even chat in real time.
  • Galleries are available for all members to post their favourite content in
  • And all content can be liked, shared and commented on.

WCM’s aims is not to take away from some of the other window cleaning forums out there but to offer an additional place for serious window cleaners should they need it.

A place that welcomes newbies and a place where online bullying will not be tolerated in any way shape or form.

A site like this would belong to all of its members and we will vote collectively for stuff, such as if we open up to advertising or not and then we would vote on which charity we would like to support and send that incoming money to.

Keeping the site non profit and giving any in coming advertising revenue to charity or charities we all support, will give us value as a single group. This is my idea and of course, it is up for voting on.

Let me know if this is a site you want and I will buy it for us.

Have your say – I would like to hear your feedback. You can post in this blog, post in your current forum or email me at lee@windowcleaningmagazine.co.uk