What brands did you buy in 2017?


First let us look at which squeegee brands did you buy in 2015?

Squeegee purchase is a great barometer of brand loyalty.

Window Cleaning Magazine ran a poll on which brand of squeegee, BOAB, applicator, scrapers etc YOU the window cleaner prefered. That poll was carried out in January 2015.

2015 saw the Unger squeegee top of the leaderboard across all product ranges. Not surprisingly really, as this bad boy boasts the largest range of window cleaning products, globally.

Relatively new to the professional market; Moerman surprised everyone knocking Sorbo off 3rd place. This was mainly due to Moerman’s innovative release of the Liquidator channel that spiked window cleaners curiosity. Interest was kicked off with films and documentaries made by WCMTV as Window Cleaning Magazine got the inside exclusive and behind the scene access to the product evolution.

Moerman has continued to captivate our attention over the pass 2 years and this has been proven by the seemingly high view counts of Youtubers showcasing their products still to this day.

Ettore is the 2nd most popular brand on the market and tends to be the steady horse, with proven quality products spanning an 80 year existence. The gap between Unger in 1st place ( 50% of window cleaners buying Unger) and Ettore in 2nd place is huge ( 13% of window cleaners buying Ettore) and is testimony to Ungers active research and development program.

There have been moans and grumblings that Ettore has lost market share over the years and where as this may be partly due to companies such as Moerman arriving onto the scene, Ettore is still a force to be reckoned with.

Ettore can be the most overlooked American heritage in the industry. That might be down to their steady pace or determination to stick with a more narrow, proven product range but despite the numbers Ettore is still fighting fit and ready to challenge the market.

We would love to see Ettore knock its critics out of the water and gain a firmer stance and rumor has it Ettore may just be positioning that knock out blow for 2018. Keep your eyes on Ettore, no – seriously, keep your eyes on Ettore.

The leaderboard for 2015 was as follows:

1st place – Unger

2nd place – Ettore

3rd place – Moerman

4th place – Sorbo

What did you buy in 2017?

Well that survey is still open ( started November 2017)  and you can still participate here https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/BCVH6JL – it will take around a minute to complete with 10 questions. Early indications are throwing up new surprises. we will report on the results as soon as the numbers are all in.