What is the Tip Jar?


Well financed R&D departments such as Unger are geared towards dreaming up the latest innovation and products that are designed to make the life of a window cleaner that much easier. Some smaller companies such as Wagtail originate out of ergonomics.

Reach-iT, now currently growing into a multi million dollar company, centres on efficiency and Moerman, the Belgium hand tool company, that shot out from nowhere back in 2015 works to its EASE philosophy to name just a small portion of directions and ideas.

The most exciting people and companies for Window Cleaning Magazine are these but more amazingly are the window cleaner inventors.

The window cleaners that dream up things on the job. The guys that have really thought about the way window cleaners work and how much better to make things. The guys that come up with tangible, workable gear, perfected by window cleaners for window cleaners.

There should be awards for these type of people. With limited to no funds they manage to bring great products to market.

Recent innovators, such as Bob Hatt AKA ‘Polzn Bladz’ who were instrumental in the Moerman Liquidator channel back in 2015/16. Bob, a self employed window cleaner from Northampton UK helped shape the Liquidator’s design and progress along with Beta testers known only as the ‘Moerman Angels’.

Today, out of San Diego, California, USA, Richie Blue leaps out onto our radar with a great new product design. A design that is getting the attention of the industry in a massive way.

Supply houses wanting to cut deals and ‘help’, window cleaners biting at the ‘bit’ for the eventual ‘sales launch date’ and beta users screaming, “this thing is awesome!!”.

What is this product?

Ladies and Gentleman Maykker Products reveals the Tip Jar, a high end, handcrafted bucket on a belt with a difference.

It is off the ‘cool scale’ with features that include lightweight, generous storage capacity, comfortable, made from high end materials with military grade buckles. But that is not all!

We have the full article on the other features and benefits of this product including the background on the blood, sweat and tears that went into this product. Read the untold details of the Tip Jar in Issue 23 of Window Cleaning Magazine.

We recommend you watch the Outlaw Window Cleaner Youtube Channel videos below for the product reveal and the second video of the Tip Jar used in the field.

Click on to the picture below to watch Tim Huber explain the Tip Jar.


Click on to the picture below to watch Tim Huber demonstrate the Tip Jar on the job.