What is your optimum squeegee?

Squeegee’s are great. When you get one that you feel happy with, it becomes your best friend….. if you work in a crew of many and discover a blade you like you claim it and make sure that it is the one you have in your BOAB every time.

Squeegees come in all different makes, materials and sizes….. what squeegee do you use and what size do you consider is standard for you?

Me? I love my brass Ettore. I still have one of the first one’s I started business with on my desk in the office….. in my early days I used to cut down a brass squeegee for every window size I would anticipate ( even before I picked up scrimming small square panes like in a door lol ) And so I would carry maybe 3 or 5 different sizes.

Today my Ettore is a 14″ channel…. I feel it is middle of the road for when I am cleaning residential windows. Not too small and not to big.
Of course, I got lots of other squeegees in the garage like Wagtails etc that I would hope to use in the future more extensively and I use a larger Ettore for shop windows but that 14″ brass Ettore is my best bud…. nasty in the cold but then thats why we wear gloves in the winter.

What is your optimum squeegee?