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As some may know a much liked and admired fellow window cleaner, Diego Garcia, Kansas City, took a serious fall last week. Original post here:

This is the latest update from the family on Diego’s progress:

Released by Peter Artusa ( spokesperson)

As we all, already know, Diego Garcia had a very serious work-related fall on Wednesday, July 19th, 2017. The actual chain of events that occurred, are, at this point unknown. What is known is that Diego did fall from a 2nd story roof while cleaning gutters.

Diego is in the intensive care unit of a local hospital in the Kansas City, MO area under medically induced coma. He did suffer serious head trauma along with broken ribs, collapsed lungs and broken bones to his face.
Diego will have a long battle ahead of him, but those of us that know Diego personally, know that he is one of the strongest men out there and he will recover over time.
His family requests that from this point forward all inquiries, correspondence etc. do go through myself, Peter F Artusa, or Chris Cartwright,

The family really needs to concentrate on Diego and making sure that he is taken care of. I will be sending out updates as quickly as I get them. Myself and the family thank everyone for their generous support, thoughts and prayers.
The report as of today is this:

Diego is still on a ventilator; however, his lung capacity has dramatically improved. It is now at 98% which is quite the improvement. His body temperature has dropped to 100. So this shows that he is improving and fighting.
His family do need your help, here is the link to the Go Fund Me page that was set up.

The family is so thankful for any donation made. I will keep you all updated as I get the information, let’s all keep Diego and his family in our thoughts and prayers.

(End of family statement)

Window Cleaning Magazine asks those that are able to donate and help this family please do. They will need help with medical bills.

The response from all sectors has been amazing from window cleaning, pressure washing and soft washing business owners worldwide. Donors have come from large companies to one man operations. In one day so far the donations have reached nearly $9,000!!  

An entire business community coming together to help this family is so moving to witness. I am glad to of witnessed such a great outpour of concern, respect, prayers, love and hope for Diego. This is what we truly are.

In the words of Peter Artusa, “We are awesome!’