Do you wear window cleaning backpacks on your back?


Backpacks are funny things. Derived and modified by manufacturers and sold with a pump allowing the window cleaner to ‘wear’ the backpack that can hold up to 22 litres of pure water, leaving the window cleaner free to move independent from a van mounted system.

There are varied reasons why a window cleaner would choose a backpack, however,  most window cleaners do not actually use them as backpacks. The product intention is still there and some window cleaners do still use them as intended.

We have complied 9 questions that will take less than a minute. We are expecting to run this survey for a while since users of backpacks end up using trolleys.

This survey is for window cleaners with the following criteria;

1- You are from the UK

2 – You wear a backpack for the most part, when using it.

As well as learning more about the usage of these products, we would like to know if you prefer backpacks that are branded Vs if you prefer cheaper versions found in places like Ebay and Amazon.

Some window cleaners would have also bought and modified crop sprayers themselves.

If you fit the criteria please take the 1 minute survey HERE