Window Cleaning In A Whisky Factory

WCM reader Matthew Helliwell of Clear Vision found out that I was a great fan of Glenmorangie single malt whisky. He just happened to window clean in a place that makes the stuff! He is sending me an 18 year old bottle of the golden malt and I cant wait!

So, I thought I would ask him about the window cleaning he carries out at the distilling plant….

Lee: First of all thanks for passing on the whisky. Matthew, how long have you been cleaning windows for? Whats your company name and location in the UK?

MH: No problem at all Lee, it’s a pleasure! My company Clear Vision is located in the Highlands of Scotland just north of Inverness and I have been cleaning windows for 11 years now. I started off traditional but after 3 years made the switch to WFP.

LEE: So you window clean in a whisky factory, is there a special risk assessment you have to consider such as don’t drink the whisky whilst window cleaning lol?

MH: Well….. All the usual risk assessments and method statements are done but the biggest risk is falling into the vats where the whisky is being made. Do you realize how tempting it would be to jump in and go for a swim in the stuff!!!


LEE: Do you have to clean the windows inside and out there? Do you use WFP on this job anywhere?

MH: Yeah all inside and out windows got cleaned on this visit because Prince Charles was visiting the factory this Wednesday passed so everything had to be spotless! 80% of the outside was cleaned using WFP while the rest plus the inside were trad cleaned.

LEE: How many windows , is there a lot?

MH: Not sure exactly how many windows there are but it takes a good 8-10 hours to complete.

LEE: How long have you cleaned this site for?

MH: This job is actually a friends contract and he’s 100% trad so I offered to help him out and use my hot water system on it.

LEE: Whats the most troublesome or difficult part of the job?

MH: The most difficult part of the job is definitely cleaning the inside! There are 100’s of 6″ panes and there filthy!!!!

LEE: Is it noisy? One of the pics showing inside the building reveals lots of pipes and machinery?

MH: Yeah that part of the factory is very noisy! You can still hear each other speak…………just! Its also very, very hot in that part!! A shorts and t-shirt job for me next time I think!!

LEE: The parts that you trad on this job, which squeegee and applicator do you you reach for?

MH: For all the small panes we used a Unger 6″ applicator and a 6″ squeegee with Ettore rubbers. I put the Porcupine Sleeve on my applicator. I also like Pulex rubbers.

LEE: What is your favorite WFP brand and why?

MH: To be honest I don’t have a favorite brand. I try lots of different makes! I must say I do like the Ntech range of poles and the ITR water heater I use is the bee’s knee’s! 

Lee: You now carry out Solar Panel Cleaning. Why did you start that up? Do you see a market for that in Scotland?

MH: Yeah there is a market I think as no one advertises for it up here but still relatively new so I think it wont take off for another few years yet. But I have started this about two months ago as an add on to Clear Vision

The Photo below is Matthew Helliwell cleaning the windows of Bogbain Mill. (Old mill house)