Window Cleaning Magazine Facebook Group – Thread hits 3.7k posts in 3 days!

There is no doubt about it, with one of the largest number of members in its group, every window cleaner on Facebook who frequents window cleaning groups would of been on Window Cleaning Magazine’s at some point in his or hers Facebook life.

Attracting some of the biggest names in the industry, the group excels with its community providing a valuable source of ‘go to’ information.

So it is of no surprise that the WCM Facebook Group hits the largest thread of any window cleaning Facebook Group, boasting a colossal 3,700+ posts in just 3 days!!

How did this all start??

Jordan King, CEO of Waterworks, the company behind the powered hose reel add on called Power Up approached Lee Burbidge to discuss a competition idea exclusive to the Window Cleaning Magazine Facebook Group.

What is Power Up?

Power Up is simply an electric winding mechanism that can be fitted to all new or existing clover leaf reels but also comes built onto a new reel for those that prefer ‘plug and play’.

Jordan says, “Finally, all window cleaners have access to an epic electric reel!! It’s twice as good, and less than half the price of its competitors! It’s completely unique for so many reasons, primary of which is the fact that it’s the only electric reel built for our industry ”it’s a little whippet” with low torque and snag protection all from ¬£249.95 plus VAT”.

So, what the hell happened?

Jordan King goes on to explain, “The competition was almost as clever as Power Up in its design and function. The idea was that the last comment wins on the competition thread. We began whereby the last comment must remain for an allotted time. All comments were to be made on a post containing pictures and important information with regards Power Up. This would mean that all ‘players’ would become familiar with the product. By starting at 24 hours, I was able to ensure that there were enough players before I turned it up. I then incrementally reduced the amount of time required to win last comment until we were down to 5 mins ”It went Ape!” Once a post has 1k comments, notifications are removed therefore no-one is being reminded, etc. By systematically scrolling through unique players comments, and liking their comment, I was able to call them back into play. The competition was not plagiarised and it’s format was designed by Waterworks.”

Who won and how did it go down?

Lee Burbidge of WCM caught up with the winner of the competition, Caroline Bailey of R C Window Cleaning, Northampton UK. Caroline was awake for 72 hours in order to win the Power Up reel add on.

 Caroline Bailey, Richard Clues and Lee Burbidge in Northampton









Lee: Caroline how the hell did you manage to win this?

Caroline: Determination, stubbornness and I didn’t want to let the men win lol.

Lee: How did you stay awake for so long?

Caroline: I just kept on posting in auto pilot. The fact that I suffer from random insomnia helped. One of the days I was still posting from my mobile phone in one hand and cleaning a residential property with a water fed pole in the other hand. Woman are good at multi-tasking.

Lee: Who did it come down to in the end?

Caroline: It was down to me, Craig Booth of Anglian Window Cleaning, Cambridgeshire UK and Stuart A J Castles of S.A.J Window Cleaners, Plymouth UK.

Lee: How did the end game play out?

Caroline: Craig ‘Boothy’ Booth unfortunately misjudged and lost out by going to make a cup of tea thinking that with me and Stuart would continue the game until he could return with his tea. Problem is at the same time Stuart was called on his duties as a father to change a nappy, this meant 6 minutes had passed since my last post. 5 minutes was the winning time.

Lee: How did you feel when you won?

Caroline: Tired lol.

Lee: I guess you hit the hay, right?

Caroline: Nope, I didn’t go bed to later on in the day at 10pm that evening. I had to do the school run, shopping, washing up etc.

Carloline's booty delivered the next day by Waterworks














Lee Burbidge asked Jordan King of Waterworks about the competition.

Lee: So, Jordan. Why bring the competition to the Window Cleaning Magazine facebook Group?

Jordan: The competition was Posted on WCM FB page as it has the highest membership.

Lee: Did you know the winner, Caroline, was on this for 72 hours straight?

Jordan: Yes 72 hours straight!! I was grateful it went when it did (6am, Day 3) because I was genuinely worried about players! The longest I’ve ever been awake myself was for 48 hours and I was mumbling, stumbling, etc! Some players were working too? I was getting nervous. Let’s do it again soon with cut off times over night?

Lee: What do you think about the number of posts within the competition thread. Isnt it just insane?!

Jordan: 3.7K comments makes it the biggest, most active FB post in window cleaning history! Very proud of that… But no time to congratulate myself.. I’m too busy with all the other window cleaning world firsts I’m working on! (gadgets you’ve never seen) Coming soon!!