Window Cleaning magazine Issue 23 – OUT NOW


Window Cleaning magazine issue 23 is now available to read for free online as a PDF or in a flip page format – just click this line to read. To buy a printed issue click here: Order printed copy

So what is in this issue?

Window Cleaning Magazine continues to be the only independent trade mag in the biz. Trusted by many to bring the latest views, opinions and products right to your fingertips. No matter if it is advise on building a successful business, telling you about the latest training or bringing you the low down on the latest water fed pole tech, current trends, gadgets and hand tools. Window Cleaning Magazine has something for everyone.

Surviving SPRAT and is rope access for you?

So let’s get started. This issue you will experience first hand the blood, sweat and pain it takes to complete a L2 Sprat certification. Chris Jackson of Canada takes you right there into the action, beautifully written you feel every inch of that training as a reader.

Again, from Canada we have the awesome Nick Blodans who is starting to become a regular writer for Window Cleaning Magazine. Nick covers the rope access IRATA angle and asks; Is rope access for you? Nick states that there is nearly 2 billion Canadian dollars that say it is. Check out what you need to do IRATA.

Woman in the industry

I met Carrie Guenther at an industry event a couple years ago and she has written for Window Cleaning magazine. Carrie has been on assignment for us checking out window cleaners from Arizona to Maui. This issue she starts a 2 part section on woman in the industry. Well worth a read and beautifully written.

Josh and DJ slaps our readers in touch when it comes to sales, marketing and growth!

DJ Carroll and Josh Latimer like to smack the readers about a bit when it comes to marketing and growing your business. Both experts in this field they like to shake you up, inspire and motivate you. This issue sees a double whammy from Josh as we dive into his geomarketing software called Radius Bomb. We learn about the birth of the software and how the challenges tested his very spirit. We also learn from Josh in the same article about the five different types of relationships your business is missing!

Josh later talks about ‘marketing mastery’ in a separate article also in this issue.

We love DJ – this issue he takes you through ‘cold calling’ as he slaps the reader in touch with the problems and the fixes involved. No more excuses about starting that telesales campaign because DJ Coach is on your case.

New products

This issue you will find out what a Gunslinger is and check out the latest system from ionic Systems.

Fan jets Vs pencil jets vs rinse bars

Our beloved resident writer Chris Dawber AKA Wagga ( you incidentally has one of the most successful window cleaning YouTube channels on the planet) talks about which is best and comes up with a surprising outcome that has very little to do with the jest themselves.

Featured article: Spotless Water filling stations

Imagine if you were able to fill up your water fed pole tank with pure water from a filling station just like you do for fuel for your car. A dream? Not anymore. Window Cleaning magazine interviews Tim morris from Spotless Water who has already set the ball rolling for just that dream.

And more….

How annoying is it to pick up a magazine a see wall to wall adverts and very little content. Here at Window Cleaning Magazine we hope we have that balance right with content rich articles designed to help you and your business. Please check out our awesome resident writers column AC Lockyer on loving the fail and dear Henry who looks in the the science behind SUPER SOAPS! What’s the deal with that? – check it out it’s all here in Issue 23 of Window Cleaning magazine