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Peninsula is the UK’s largest employment law and Health & Safety expert.
The Window Cleaning Magazine has partnered with Peninsula for help in these areas should you require it as a WCM member.
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In addition to this, Peninsula will be writing for WCM.

So, if you have any employment or H&S question email me at

First article coming soon covers TUPE : Transfer of Undertakings Regs and how they effect your window cleaning business…

And this question gets answered:

….”A lot of my work is residential window cleaning. Because it is residential, bad weather can play a huge part in forcing an unscheduled day off.

When I don’t window clean, the money does not come in.

My business has grown to the extent of needing to employ help.
I can’t afford to pay for a worker when it is bad weather, how do I stand?

Also, with regards to holiday entitlement how do I make it fair to the employee and fair to me when it comes to working out the entitlement?

The hours are different every day and some days we do not work due to bad weather? In other job markets you have a set working time, 9 to 5 ( for example) and therefore making it easy to work out holiday entitlements”.

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