The Window Cleaning Village at The Cleaning Show 2019


It is official! The Cleaning Show 2019, ExCel London, will host the brand new Window Cleaning Village supported by Window Cleaning Magazine. This has been long overdue and now is the right time to launch such a prestigious event. The Cleaning Show is the biggest show in the UK attracting thousands of visitors from all over the world and the event is the ideal platform for networking, ideas on growing your business as well as checking out the latest products on the market over a three day period.

The Cleaning Show want to encourage new innovation and business within the window cleaning industry and so they have created much smaller areas ( 12 booths to be exact) that are so reasonably priced for a 3 day, high profile event. We think that this is an amazing idea and addresses a smaller startup companies issue of affordability.

WCM had been throwing around the idea of WCV ( The Window Cleaning Village) over the past three months or so in order to test the level of interest within the industry. We have to say that we were amazed with the response! This event is exactly what the industry has needed for a very long time.

Window Cleaning Magazine will be joining our friends from the FWC as they provide the Window Cleaning Competition. One little known fact regards the FWC and the competition, is that the FWC are authorised to announce a Guinness World Record. Usually to have a World Record judged, a Guinness adjudicator needs to be present. Not so here. When you think about it, it makes complete sense since it was the FWC that co-wrote the rules with Guinness. Good old Terry Burrows, the Guinness Record holder for the fastest window cleaner in the world will no doubt be our host (TBC).

The ‘Village’ will take up space to the left of the initial entrance. On entering you will be presented with large high quality stands from the likes of Ionic Systems and Unger. There will be a central hub area that will consist of ‘keynote speakers’ space and seating for attendees. In the same area, flanking the speaking area will be four booths. Positioning here is still to be decided, but at the meeting with the Cleaning Show people yesterday it was discussed that these areas would be ideal for the Window Cleaning Magazine, FWC ( Federation of Window Cleaners) and IWCA ( International Window Cleaning Association)and the MGWC ( Master Guild of Window Cleaners). The rest of the ‘Village’ provides varying booth space to suit individual needs. Some of the early birds are wanting large spaces and are already on the starting blocks for their pitch! The event will provide areas for socialising and doing business where like minded people can share and learn .

Did you mention the IWCA? Oh yes, there is a definite interest from the US in attending this show also. The show attracts exhibitors from all over Europe as well as other countries. An ideal location for US companies already selling into the UK to display their wares for the UK window cleaners to touch and feel their products. This can make a huge difference to a buyer and a great advantage for the vendor to learn from the market.

It has always been a goal of mine to join our industry, no matter where in the world you are. Having the IWCA and FWC/MGWC at the same event, meeting face to face would be absolutely amazing!

There could be new events too. The Cleaning Show were keen to adopt the ‘medley contest’, a contest that has supported the window cleaning competition at the IWCA Conventions in the US and largely involves working through different sized windows, some elevated ( so you have to switch out tools and use poles in some sections) in the fastest time, with as few mistakes as possible.

There has been talk of bringing the serious speed racers to the Village in a kind of Formula 1 style segment where sponsored participants would fight it out for pole position.

With the Cleaning Show now packaging and finalising the event, more will be revealed and confirmations will be made. This will possibly be one of the best Window Cleaning Show’s in the UK.

One thing I will say, is that the Window Cleaning Village will prove very popular. To avoid disappointment please contact Vanessa as soon as possible to discuss your needs and options.

Vanessa Van Santen Smith,
Sales Manager

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