Window Washer steals $20,000 ring


A woman from Bloomfield thought nothing of her $20,000 ring that was not on her dresser thinking her husband had secured it earlier in the day. It wasn’t until she spoke to her husband later that she discovered he had neither put it away or secured it. The woman then reported the incident to the police.

It turned out that a window cleaning crew arrived that day on March 27th to clean the windows. When she was busy with one window washer another went into the bedroom and stole the ring.

Police investigations revealed that the ring was sold in Auburn Hills to a pawn shop by one Veronica Perez on the same day it was stolen! Veronica is the wife of Omar Rivera-Baez, who police worked out, was the employee of the window cleaning company.

Both suspected individuals turned themselves into the Police Department and gave a full confession.

Luckily the victim was able to get her ring back from the pawnshop, unluckily tho she had to pay the pawn shop $1,750. Ouch!

Perez and Rivera-Baez have been charged with one count of larceny in a building and are awaiting court dates.